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Digital Mentoring Conference March-17th



Digital Mentoring Conference – March 17th

Friday 17 March 2017, 14:00 – 15:00
Venue: Geneva Business School Geneva Campus
16 Chemin de la Voie-Creuse
1202 Geneva, Switzerland
Tel: +41 22 906 94 94

Frank Persyn

Frank Persyn, Director

Frank is an entrepreneurial marketer and a passionate outdoor endurance athlete. His combined business consultancy experience and strong passion for sports helps building brands & businesses active in the Global sports industry. Frank combines sports & business through creativity, technology and partnerships. With over 15 years of experience between international business consultancy and agency-side leadership, Frank works across a spectrum of (digital) marketing, strategy and business development and has P&L responsibility experience at Pan-European level. Frank has worked with brands like The North Face, adidas, Head, Scott Sports, Oakley, Ralph Lauren and the Verbier board of Tourism to name a few.

Currently, Frank is working with Wearable X, a Global wearable technology firm where he is responsible for building the business in Europe. His role includes defining and executing strategic partnerships with various sport industries and sport associated brands. A Dutch native, he lives in the Swiss Alps. Frank is a graduate of Leiden University from which he earned a LL.M in International Tax Law.

Frank Persyn See Frank’s profile on Linkedin

Wearable X

Wearable X

Wearable X is a Global wearable technology company that operates on the cross roads of fashion and technology with a functional design aesthetic. Our focus at Wearable X is to create products that enhance the human experience. By combining traditional design with the latest software, our focus is to integrate technology seamlessly and transparently into everyday life. We create customer focused products that are unobtrusive and functional. From delivering innovative wearable technology solutions, to identifying target audiences and their needs, we manufacture ready products that solve for both design and technical challenges.

The common denominator of our products is the integration of haptic technology that helps people stay more connected with themselves, the people around them and their surroundings. By using the skin as an interface, WearableX builds products that takes us away from our mobile phone screens and allow us to communicate in a new way. Through haptic vibrations.

Wearable X has previously secured partnerships with major sport leagues like the NBA and the NFL and are currently branching out into other sports.