Quality Assurance

GBS has developed a tailor-made quality assurance model which incites Geneva Business School to successfully achieve its mission through a structured, planned and sustainable approach and through quality outcomes endorsing GBS institutional effectiveness.

The GBS Quality Assurance Model framework coordinates GBS processes across all campuses and program locations. It encourages coherence and efficiency in practices and services. The model is composed of: a) The GBS Operating Structure which ensures that quality inputs contribute in the accomplishment of desired outputs; b) the GBS Quality Cycle supports GBS in verifying and attesting efficiency in procedures, academic programs, and any other internal or external services.

The Quality Model relies on synergies between GBS strategies (executive level), GBS policies (management level) and GBS guidelines / protocols (operations level) in the following domains:

  • GBS Purposes and Planning
  • Quality Assurance
  • Academic Excellence
  • Research
  • Students Services
  • Institutional Resources
  • Communication and Public Disclosure

The Quality Assurance Model harmonizes the standardization of practices, processes, documentation across all GBS departments, campuses and partners’ locations to guarantee consistent learning outcomes for all graduates and a sense of belonging for all employees. However, cultural or legal specificities are taken into consideration to enhance exclusive added-values and identity of campuses or program locations situated outside of Switzerland. This flexibility allows governance and empowerment at the heart of GBS educational activities without jeopardizing compliance with GBS Quality Assurance Model