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Start your journey to future success with our cutting-edge Bachelor programs in Business Administration and Finance.
Rethinking Business Education 
In a world where many jobs of the future have not yet been created and many of the jobs of today will soon no longer exist, you need a business education orientated towards facing the challenges and exciting opportunities of the impending fourth industrial revolution.
The GBS Bachelor programs have been designed to give you the most up-to-date training for future leadership positions in the 21st century world of business administration and finance. 

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Bachelor programs for the digital age

The GBS Bachelor programs deliver project-based practical education without exams; a paperless digital learning experience which will prepare you for the real world of work and future success in the 21st century global business marketplace.

We will train you to be a proficient, highly- skilled professional capable of showing leadership in an environment of rapid change. You will develop management and problem solving abilities essential for success in any business endeavour.

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What our
    students say

Marc-Antoine Mutillod

Graduate: Bachelor in International Finance
Nationality: Switzerland
Current Position: Private Bank
“Geneva Business School gave me the opportunity to understand the real needs of the current business market and taught me how to act and behave as a leader.”

Daniil Samokhvalov

Graduate: Bachelor in Finance
Nationality: Ukraine
CurrentPosition:Administrative Manager

“Education is crucially important in modern society, from the point of view of both career ambitions and general knowledge. Certainly my time spent at GBS was worthwhile. I wish all the best to my university and future students!” ”

Manuela Georgieva Marinova

Graduate: Bachelor in Finance
Nationality: Bulgarian
Current Position: Manager, Financial Services, Bulgaria
“I believe GBS gave me the foundation for future development for my studies and my career. ”

Syazwana Ab Razak

Graduate: Bachelor in Finance
Nationality: Malaysian
Current Position: Finance Executive in Malaysia.
“Studying at GBS was a totally new experience for me and gave me the chance to learn in a new environment and in a different culture. Studying at GBS gave me an amazing opportunity to become a business leader. I will cherish the experience I gained at GBS”.

Get ready to lead

Start your future career today.