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The Mentoring Conference

The Mentoring conference presented by Mr Hvaring in Geneva, was once again a great success, with active support from students and meaningful participation in an interesting topic.

International Research Centre

Geneva Business School is proud to announce its new International Research Centre, which had its inaugural meeting in Barcelona this week. 

GBS Campus Open Days

Open Days provide an opportunity for students to experience university life and to talk to GBS faculties and students in more depth about the courses they are interested in.

In GBS we care about the environment

Here at GBS we have recently introduced an on-campus recycling initiative to attempt to reduce our overall waste disposal. We now have paper and cardboard recycling bins in every classroom and office for the students and staff to use.

6 tips for writing like an expert

Trust in plain language, and don’t use vocabulary to inflate weak ideas. It’s about the idea not the vocabulary, more tips for writing like an expert here.

Projection of hospitality and the Olympics

Projection of hospitality and the Olympics Historically, major events and host cities have had, at best, a tumultuous relationship. The tax-payers inevitably raise questions about the cost of developing infrastructure (especially in countries less-equipped to handle...

Is Pokemon Go a marketer ’s dream?

Is Pokemon Go a marketer ’s dream? Pokemon Go is the first augmented reality (AR) mobile game to make waves in the general population. This game has been picking up steam on many fronts – anyone from a kid to an adult has either heard of it, or is actively playing it....