Doctorate in International Management

DBA in International Management

The Doctorate of Business Administration with a major in International Management aims to provide you, an outstanding manager who wants to excel and develop your position through active research, with the knowledge of practical and theoretical approaches to resolve everyday challenges in the business world.

You will be encouraged to draw upon your current practice and work contexts to explore business theories deeper, whilst gaining a doctorate degree. The program is structured by both taught and independent elements in which you will work with fellow DBA students and professionally active faculty members to share and inspire one another with your respective ranges of personal experiences.

  • Language: English
  • Intakes: Rolling Admissions
  • Degree Awarded: Doctorate of Business Administration with Major in International Management.
  • Location: Geneva Campus and Barcelona Campus
  • Stage 1 – Preliminary acceptance

The first stage is the approval of the applicant’s dossier whereby the following documents MUST be submitted (see DBA Admissions Requirements) The candidate, if the pre-review successful is positive, will continue through to the stage 2.

  • Stage 2 – Submission of the Pre-Thesis report

Following approval of the dossier, the Pre-Thesis stage 2 then lasts for 2 semesters. During this period, the candidate is closely monitored but the work remains predominantly independent and must submit a pre-Thesis of a minimum of 20 pages. There is a thorough review by the academic committee and a decision is taken whether the candidate is eligible to continue.

At this point, the committee MUST ensure that the student who wishes to undertake the DBA Thesis has:

–          A clear and precise title with the objective of solving a current dilemma.
–          A topic involving a problem that needs in depth analysis and further research.
–          Brief list of literature and books.
–          Knowledge of outlining a bibliography.

  • Stage 3 – Full Doctoral Thesis

Following completion of the Pre-Thesis, the candidate will be eligible to continue through to stage 2 for full implementation of the Doctorate program which requires 3 full publishable articles of a minimum of 20 pages or 200 pages thesis.
This stage will be a further minimum 2-3 years on average.

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“Geneva Business School gave me the self-confidence to move ahead in my career. The great experience at GBS helped me to broaden my financial and management skills, renovate my professional knowledge and improve my performance.”

Teymur Teymurov

“While working in my professional field for a few years, I have been elaborating hardware and software systems for medical purposes. I have studied various economic aspects of the market and industry of medical equipment, being engaged in solid state modeling, programming and various check studies of human respirator system. I have also tried my hand as a project manager of several pilot projects in sports medicine, addressing multiple technological and economic problems. I hope, that by studying at GBS, it will help me to realize and commercialize my own projects.”

Eugene S. Ermolaev

“Firstly I would like to thank you for the good education provided by your school it will really help me in new career. Secondly I am most happy to inform you that I am now a financial consultant, for Price Waterhouse Coopers in Romania.”

Flavia Cristina Popa