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The GBS Doctorate programs are designed to give experienced professionals who have already gained a vast amount of knowledge and skills in their chosen fields, the most up-to-date training for future senior leadership positions.

This allows participants to create innovative methodologies for dealing with significant business issues and problems for a particular market, product or service.

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What our students say

“I chose GBS for 2 main reasons: the boutique university concept and its technology oriented mindset. At GBS you’re not just a number, everyone knows you by your name and you feel like you’re part of the family. Also, the teaching methodology is very unique as it is project-based and constantly fosters collaboration. Finally, the fact that their faculty members are practitioners gives me great expectations about opening the doors to local contacts to build a local network and boost my current business.”

Alejandra Otero

“My wish was to work and grow in an international environment and thanks to Geneva Business School, the knowledge and experience I acquired gave me self con dence. It has assisted me in my career development. With my present job, I enjoy taking part in international negotiation. I am so thankful to my lecturers who provided me with the best and accurate information. I am fortunate to be able to use this knowledge in my daily work life.”

Prisca Bovikoh Chulley

“At Geneva Business School I appreciated the opportunity to commence the entire research study on small & medium size enterprises in Switzerland, parallel with my every day responsibilities. Working with Dr. Dominique Xardel, as supervisor, was a great privilege. Dr. Xardel provided me with many ideas and was always available for help us discussions. s The study sharpened my analytical and academic skills. Moreover it broadened my personal perception.”

Dr. Angelo Amonini

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