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The GBS Doctorate in Business Administration (DBA) will enable you to consolidate and build upon your experience and give you the competitive edge essential to succeed in the fast-paced current global market and our programs have been designed to draw upon your everyday practice and work contexts to work towards a doctorate.

The structure of the program, which incorporates taught and independent elements allows a student to draw on the range of experiences of fellow students and faculty members in a mutually supportive environment. The research departments aim for you to stimulate and undertake certain activities of Research and Development (R&D) and to master the transfer of the acquired knowledge to a group of private partnership companies.

By undertaking the GBS Doctorate of Business Administration you will be equipped with the skills necessary to further build and progress in your already succesul career.


Our Doctorates Programs

DBA in International Management

This program aims to provide extra knowledge to outstanding managers, who want to excel and develop their positions through active research that combines practical and theoretical approaches to the resolution of everyday challenges in the business world.

DBA in International Finance

This Doctorate in International Finance Program focuses on broaden the expertise of executives and business professional who wish to dig deeper in the global world of finances. Through research, they will gain new skills, knowledge and wider perspectives that will take them one step further in their careers.

DBA in Digital Marketing

This program is designed to provide marketing managers with comprehensive skills of global marketing strategies. Through exhaustive research, they will acquire the knowledge they need to identify opportunities, handle new markets and face challenges of new cultures, theories and concepts.

“At Geneva Business School I appreciated the opportunity to commence the entire research study, small & medium size enterprises in Switzerland, parallel with my every day responsibility. Working with Dr. Dominique Xardel, as supervisor, had been a great privilege. Dr. Xardel provided me with vast ideas and was always available for scientific discussions.The study sharpened my analytical and academic skills. Moreover it broadened my personal perception.”

Dr. Angelo Amonini

CEO, Structures Consulting AG, Herisau/SG, Switzerland

“As it is popular nowadays in advanced countries, I want to be a big boss. I do not know what ideas I will come up with in 5 years, but now I am interested in financial sector. Working for an American company in Russia I am sure that i will gain the vital experience needed for my future. What role has GBS played in my success? It is located in Switzerland, the education is in English as well as the final Thesis. Personal and career success depends only on myself. Thanks to GBS I understood how marketing works and its role in business, I have met new people, I have met a couple of well-educated professors who became assets for me, I faced a wide range of mentalities, and I had a chance to live and feel the life of an European.”

Ekaterina Andreeva

“My wish was to work and grow in an international environment and thanks to Geneva Business School, the knowledge and experience I acquired gave me self confidence , It has assisted me in my career development. With my present job, I enjoy taking part in international negotiation. I am so thankful to my lecturers who provided me with the best and accurate information. I am fortunate to be able to use this knowledge in my daily work life.”

Prisca Bovikoh Chulley

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