Geneva Business School

In 1995, Institut de Formation de Gestionnaire de Patrimoine (IFGP) was established to provide instruction mainly to private bankers in Switzerland.  In 2001, as global demand for training in banking and finance outpaced local needs, the School of Finance was created to provide education in international banking and finance.  As our strategic position shifted, the name was changed to Geneva Business School (GBS)  in 2010, to emphasize the importance of our location, specialty, and specificity of the education we provide.

In 2012, GBS began an ambitious expansion strategy to open new campuses in the most strategically significant regions of the world. In addition to our main campus in Geneva, we currently have centers in Barcelona, Moscow, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Dammam, Chengdu, and Astana.

GBS offers undergraduate, graduate, and research programs in Business Administration and Finance. Teaching is strongly focused on the international aspects of business and finance and the courses are taught to emphasize the global nature of the learning objectives. GBS takes pride in its large international community of students and alumni and is especially proud of its graduate and research programs.

Through our strategic growth and focus, Geneva Business School has become a recognized catalyst for innovation in global business education. GBS carries out its mission to offer Swiss quality education by combining a faculty of active professionals with high academic and professional standards with small class sizes. As a result, we ensure all our students receive best learning experience possible, as they begin their journey to becoming future leaders.