Madrid Campus (Spain)

Madrid, the capital of Spain, is a lively and cosmopolitan city where the air buzzes with opportunity and there are endless things to see and do. It’s a place known for business, as it’s where all major Spanish companies have headquarters or are represented. Madrid’s Business district known as AZCA is the Manhattan of Spain with its numerous modern skyscrapers. This city is the perfect location to launch new ideas and our campus is located in the heart of it.

Your Campus

We are proud to have this Madrid campus joining our campus network. The building itself has been recently renovated and is located close to the lively city center.  

Your Classes

Students all benefit from small classes taught by active market professionals, in a place which is in line with the innovative learning methods we promote.

Your Spaces

The facilities on campus include access to modern classrooms with audio-visual equipment, a computer lab, and a well-equipped library. Students can also make the most of the school’s spacious central patio.

Your Life in Madrid

When students choose to live in the capital of Spain they quickly make this vibrant metropolitan city, with great Mediterranean climate, their new home. Add to that, an art scene and nightlife which are among the best in Europe and the attraction of life in Madrid becomes clear.  

Campus Location

The map on the right shows the location of this campus and below you will find all the necessary contact information.

Address:  Calle Baltasar Gracián, 4, 28015 Madrid, Spain
Tel: +34 93 481 65 06