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Master of Science in Finance. Major in International Finance 

The Master of Science (MSc.F) with a Major in International Finance is designed to challenge your understanding of finance through rigorous training in the conceptual, analytical and empirical intricacies of modern international finance and investment. GBS has established      trading partner in London, the London Academy of Trading,          to offer short term trading sessions during the final 6 month   Thesis period, increasing job opportunities afterwards.

  • Acquire knowledge of international taxation and
    estate planning.
  • Learn risk management and gain an in depth
    knowledge of insurance companies.
  • Be able to perform a Technical Analysis.
  • Be familiar with Hedge Fund analysis and
  • Explore financial statement analysis for executives. 

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  • Wealth Management
  • Hedge Fund Analysis & Management
  • Finance & Banking
  • International Financial Crisis
  • Capital Budgeting
  • Financial Markets
  • Duration: 18 months
  • Credits: 90 ECTS
  • Language: English
  • Intakes: February and September
  • Degree Awarded: Master of Science in Finance Major in International Finance.
  • Exchange Program: Rotate between campuses. We offer the opportunity of studying in the GBS campuses where the program is launched.
  • Internships: We guide our students to get internships in International Companies and Organisations.
  • Location: Geneva Campus and Barcelona Campus

The program requires the successful completion of 90 credits. The program consists of 4 groups of courses common for all Masters, from which students may select the desired subjects to study: Core Courses (21 ECTS), Elective Courses (15 ECTS), the Orientation Courses (18 ECTS) and the Master Thesis (36 ECTS), which are mandatory to complete the selected major. Beyond the principal Business modules offered within each major, an example of some of the Orientation (Specialist) subjects can be found below:

  • Banking Organisation and Administration
  • Banking and Financial Law
  • Portfolio Management
  • Asset Management Analysis
  • Hedge Fund Analysis and Management
  • Case Studies

The program is of particular relevance to those working in, or planning to work in:

  • Assets Manager
  • International organisations treasurer manager
  • International financial manager
  • International financial consultant

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“Geneva Business School provided me with an invaluable experience and studies, hence I was able to conduct a practical and important for me and my friends research on the investment project. All The obtained and applied knowledge will be very useful for my future career in the field of risk management.”

Victoria Volkova

GBS has given me the right knowledge and exposure I needed to compete and succeed in this international market. My career goal is to become a CPA and work as an auditor in an international organisation. I am proud to be affliated with the Geneva Business School”.

Hari Haran Sivaramakrishnan

“My initial motivation was to broaden my horizon in the view of professional and personal challenge. Together with a challenging job at the center of a major change process, the Geneva Buisness School programme was the best incentive to increase efficiency further within a very tight time schedule. The most impressive result is to realise that it was possible to reach my objectives and to manage all these parallel activities, work in teams, learn a lot and even have fun at the same time. This was just a perfect complement to my academic background and professional experience.”

Hermann Verde Cheunta Tinkeu

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