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Is Pokemon Go a marketer ’s dream?

Pokemon-go-marketerIs Pokemon Go a marketer ’s dream?

Pokemon Go is the first augmented reality (AR) mobile game to make waves in the general population.

This game has been picking up steam on many fronts – anyone from a kid to an adult has either heard of it, or is actively playing it.  Part of the buzz over this game is the way it’s gotten people out and moving. Some users are reporting Pokemon Go has become a significant form of exercise for them.

With this amount of increased foot traffic around towns it’s no wonder why businesses are frenzying over the opportunity to attract new business based on the game, specifically from PokeStops.

For those not privy to the game, PokeStops are places in Pokemon Go that allow you to collect items such as eggs and more Poke Balls to capture more Pokemon and evolve in the game.

It’s safe to say, this game has opened up a new amount of opportunity for marketers, but what opportunities are available?

How much does a Pokestop increase business opportunities?

According to a recent article written by INC, many businesses have caught on to this increased foot traffic.

“As Pokemon Go users traverse their towns in search of Pokemon, local stores, restaurants, movie theaters, and other businesses are capitalizing on this massive opportunity, driving huge amounts of foot traffic and conversions both with simple in-app purchases and creative marketing campaigns.”

Pokemon is doing the difficult work by attractive millions of users; it’s now up to individual marketers to understand how to capitalize on this influx of users.

How are businesses piggybacking off of the game?

Lures are an in-app purchase which increases the rate of Pokemon generation in the area around the PokeStop. Each “lure” lasts for half an hour.  Reddit recently highlighted a pizzeria owner that dropped lures, and simultaneously offered deals on pizza slices to attract Pokemon users and keep them there as long as the lure was active. He was literally, fishing for customers.

Yelp is another company who is piggybacking on the game. Recently, they added a component to their search bar to locate establishments nearest to a PokeStop. Companies are hanging signs to signify they are an official stop.


How much can this opportunity grow?

There have also been articles written about the amount of data Pokemon Go has access to. This data includes location, exact walking habits (geospatial intelligence), Google accounts, camera data, and much more. It’s likely Niantic, the company that owns Pokemon Go has plans to sell this data, which will give a new layer of marketing information for new perhaps untapped avenues.

It’s safe to say, this game has opened up a new amount of opportunity for marketers. What other clever ideas have you heard about capturing Pokemon users? We’d love to hear.