Graduate:  Bachelor in Finance

Nationality: Romanian

“It was a GBS teacher from Bangladesh (Mr.Hassan) that provoked my appetite for Islamic Finance. Ever since I have been intrigued by Islamic law, especially Islamic insurance. To date I have been surrounded by commerce and finance due to family and was brought up in an atmosphere of dedication to hard work, GBS extended my knowledge and developed a quality of questioning and differentiating between sources of information and interpretation of views. I have high ambitions and believe that studying at GBS within a focused environment can offer me a strong foundation for the future. After careful study I am inspired to pursue an interesting dynamic career that will challenge my natural qualities as well as develop my potential for number crunching and problem solving to higher levels of accomplishment.”

Andrei ALBU

Graduate:  Bachelor in Finance

Nationality: Kazakhstan

“GBS gave me lots of knowledge and it has helped me promote myself in terms of my career and has given me a global perspective. I am convinced that if I engage myself in business sincerely, ethically and with real commitment, then my career development will take no time. GBS helped me learn many skills, for example: how to improve my skills. It has also taught me how to handle decision-making in a professional way. I am very thankful to GBS for all this new knowledge.”


Graduate:  Master in Business Administration (Major in International Management)

Nationality: French

“In my last year at GBS I followed a dual diploma, MBA international business. Through courses in International Marketing, Business Development, Global Negotiation, Team Building and Retail management, I developed skills and techniques in running a business, creating marketing plans, managing a team and conflict in a business environment. Nowadays and after an internship as a business engineer I decided to develop my own business in Nice focused on the co-working environment. All that is thanks to the education GBS has given me.”

Arthur Luini

Graduate: Master of Science in Finance, Major in International Finance

Nationality: Russian

“As it is popular nowadays in advanced countries, I want to be a senior executive. I do not know what ideas I will come up with in 5 years, but now I am interested in the financial sector. Working for an American company in Russia I am sure that I will gain the vital experience needed for my future. What role has GBS played in my success? It is located in Switzerland, the education is in English as well as the final thesis. Personal and career success depends only on myself. Thanks to GBS I understand how marketing works and its role in a business, I have met new people, I met well-educated professors who became assets for me, I faced a wide range of ideas, and I had a chance to live and experience life as a European.”

Ekaterina ANDREEVA

Graduate:  Master in Business Administration (Major in International Management)

Nationality: Russian

“Wanting to start my own business, I had to find knowledge which I gained from courses at GBS such as Intellectual Property, Strategic Management and Sales Management. I am happy to have had the opportunity to be taught by such experienced, professional and intelligent professors like Dr Jonathan Curci and Dr Dominique Xardel. Their personalities and professional achievements gave me motivation to become like them and to write a book based on my field of activity in the future. Thank you GBS for putting me on the right track.”


Graduate: Master of Science in Finance, Major in International Finance

Nationality: Ukraine

“To be able to became a team leader and make a significant contribution to something with our project, to start up my own company and bring it to the international level, all these are what GBS taught me. GBS helped me a lot in developing my business skills and my own personality.”


Graduate: Master of Science in Finance, Major in International Finance

Nationality: Russian

“My short term goals are becoming a subject matter expert in my field. I want to be prepared for future promotional opportunities. I have taken the leading role in a project to prepare myself for managerial opportunities. I am also flexible, I take on roles which will broaden my experience. To do so, I have joined two cross-functional team projects, one with the finance group and the other with the marketing group. This has not only strengthened my relationships with other teams, it has also broadened my knowledge base. GBS is the reason for my success in acquiring all of this new knowledge, skills and experience.”

Margarita OVSEPYAN

Graduate:  Bachelor in Business Administration (Bachelor in International Management)

Nationality: American

“I have learned a lot in my time at GBS. I am currently pursuing a career in investment banking. This is a result of my interest in investment risk management and investment return. However my ambition is to one day start my own business venture. With my understanding of global business and commercial ventures through conducting comprehensive case studies involving foreign market analysis and company valuation studies, I can pursue my dream. More importantly, these skills proved integral to the success of team projects at GBS. These projects have taught me not only how to work well with others but how to be a leader. A trait much in demand in today’s entrepreneurial environment.”

Mohamed Allam