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The top emerging technologies of 2016

47958485_sThe World Economic Forum recently released a report detailing their list for the top emerging technologies of 2016. The qualifications for being considered a leading emerging technology were based on the favorable implications the evolution of technology could have on advising decision-makers, regulators, business leaders, and the public globally. What can you look forward to as each of these technological advancements continue to strengthen?

Here are the ten emerging technologies they’ve selected:

Nanosensors and the Internet of Nanothings

According to the article, the Internet of Nanothings have the ability to make a huge impact on the future of medicine, architecture, agriculture, and drug manufacturing. They will be able to circulate within the human body, or embed in construction materials.

Next generation Batteries

Recent advances in energy storage technology have created hope that we will soon be able to effectively create clean, reliable, around the clock energy sources globally.

The Blockchain

Bitcoin has paved a way for an electronic ledger, and now other organizations are jumping on board. Global currency could have an incredible impact on the way markets and government entities operate.

2D Materials

2D (specifically graphene), has increasingly become less expensive to manufacture, which means that the opportunity to create with this versatile material is endless. Current applications for the material include: air & water filters, and wearable technology.

Autonomous Vehicles

Perhaps the least surprising addition to the list is where self-driving cars will advance within the year. Autonomous vehicles can save on emissions and help disabled and elderly people with transportation, among other items.


Mini-models of human organs could allow us to know far more about biological mechanisms than we’ve known in the past.

Perovkite Solar Cells

This material has been proven to make solar cells easily, can be used virtually anywhere, and generates power more efficiently.

Open Al Ecosystem

The advancements in natural language processing and social awareness algorithms will soon have individualized recommendations for practically everything a human could need.


Recent developments in optogentics (the use of light and color to record brain activity) has evolved far enough to realistically hope for better treatment for people with brain disorders.

Systems Metabolic Engineering

This improvement would mean better and cheaper forms of energy will continue to be produced by plans rather than fossil fuels.

Which of these advancements are you most excited to witness? How could these changes affect you or your country most?