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5 work habits that could cost you your job


Poor work ethic will get you in trouble, this we know. The problem is, we don’t always catch ourselves emitting poor work ethic in time. What’s starts as a harmless distracting from the work day can turn into a serious issue, especially if your boss catches on. These are the most common 5 work habits that could cost you your job.

Social media

If you’re like many business workers you have access to a computer nearly all day long. Social media is an easy temptation if you need a quick break from work, or you find a few down minutes in your schedule. Social media can also lead down a rabbit hole of unproductivity. You log on to Facebook for what feels like five minutes and suddenly you’ve lost 20 minutes. Be conscious of the time you spend on extra-curricular sites.

Checking e-mail too frequently

Many people fall victim to the e-mail trap. Even if you’re checking your work e-mail, the habit may be unfavorable for your career. Each time you check your e-mail you’re losing productivity on something else. Some blogs tout that you will get more done in your workday if you only check e-mail twice a day. It’s easy to get caught up in pushing the refresh button on your e-mail, especially if you’re waiting for something important like a contract or a deal – but, don’t fall for this tricky time-buster.

Too many breaks

Getting up to clear your mind and readjust your eyes is a good thing. We all need a break for a quick re-centering during our work day. However, each time you get up from your desk it takes a bit of time to settle back into the work mode. The more breaks you take throughout the day more often you’ll go through these adjustment periods, inevitably losing productivity.

Cell phone temptation

It was once taboo to have your phone near you while you were working. Now, we are glued to our phones. If you’re sitting at your desk and see notifications lighting your phone up, it’s easy to take a quick peek to see what’s going on. Avoid texting, or using your phone for un-work related items during the work day. It won’t bode well with your employer.


It’s normal to have a rough day both personally and professionally, and occasionally it feels like to tell your co-worker about your issues. However, it can be distracting and unprofessional if you start to voice issues more frequently than not.  A huge component of your employer’s job is to maintain an environment suitable for productivity, and in order to do so, their employees must feel comfortable and happy within their workplace. If someone brings negative energy into the work environment too frequently, they are a risk for souring the overall mood.

As you begin your career, keep these items in mind. The more prepared you are for proper workplace etiquette the better set up you’ll become in your career.