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A New Agreement with The Hague University

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We are proud to announce that Geneva Business School and The Hague University of Applied Sciences (THUAS) recently signed a formal agreement.

THUAS is a major university, located in four different campus across Netherlands, with almost 26,000 students from more than 140 different countries.

The purpose of this agreement is primarily to develop joint Educational trainings for students interested in International Organizations, Global Governance Issues of Peace, Justice, Security and Development.

This is to be carried out with the ultimate aim of mixing best practices of the private sector with Public Policy Management objectives.

The first step in this collaboration is for students in the third year of their BBA majoring in International Relations to spend one semester abroad, in Geneva or The Hague.

We are excited about the opportunities this agreement has opened up and are sure this is the beginning of a long and fruitful partnership.

You can click HERE to find out more about The Hague University.