GBS Organizational Structure

The Geneva Business School organization is divided into three main committees with different roles and responsibilities: the GBS Executive Committee, Advisory Committee, and Sub-committees. 


The Executive Committee is the highest GBS constituency for governance, leadership, strategic decisions and quality assurance.

The Committee is chaired by the Chief Executive Officer and composed of Campus Directors and Academic Deans.

The Executive Committee’s main responsibilities are as follows:

  • Reviewing Mission, Educational Pillars and institutional strategies
  • Endorsing informed strategic decisions on GBS direction and growth
  • Developing and coordinating GBS Strategic Planning
  • Validating budgets, institutional initiatives and allocation of resources
  • Reviewing GBS practices and services upon Sub-Committee’s Annual Reports


The GBS Advisory Committee, generally composed of academics, industry leaders, local authorities and alumni meets with the Executive Committee on an annual basis.

It considers and provides guidance on GBS initiatives or on institutional strategic projects and it also supports GBS with recommendations, reflections and proposals in new programs or academic offerings based on market and growing demand.


Sub-Committees report to the Executive Committee on an annual basis and are respectively accountable to a specific GBS area.

These areas include: Quality Assurance, Academic Excellence, Research, Communication and Public Disclosure, Students Services and Institutional Resources.

Representatives from GBS campuses and program locations participate in these committees to guarantee a collegial and comprehensive reflection.