Recently Executive Dean Steven Mallon and Professor Roy Mouawad published a guest blog post describing their experience using the online learning platform, Udemy for Business to enhance face-to-face classes at Geneva Business School.

Geneva Business School Professors use the Udemy for Business platform to leverage the agility of relevant and up-to-date online learning materials with the current curriculum. Digital classroom tools support the development of hard and soft skills that Geneva Business School professors deliver via our interactive classroom environments.

Higher education institutions need to become more agile to stay relevant in today’s fast-paced world. Geneva Business School achieves this agility by offering access to continually updated online courses on the latest skills in real-time. If there is a new digital technology release or trend, Professors can quickly tap into the world’s leading experts online to enrich the curriculum. 

Using Udemy, our faculty design 12-week blended learning courses by integrating pre-session online classes with in-classroom discussion and project-based activities. By giving students a ‘warm-up’ before delving into new topics, these classes encourage active learning, and students begin to engage immediately with new concepts.

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Image: Udemy for Business

The Geneva Business School Faculty is made up of experienced, industry-based professionals who lead by example using the latest digital tools available to educators in the digital era. This is just one teaching strategy within the interactive ecosystem our Faculty creates within our Google classrooms at Geneva Business School.

Real-world application of knowledge gained during their time at Geneva Business School is a critical component of preparing our students to excel in the workplace. Agile learning tools empower our students to be ahead of the curve when it comes to entering the workforce fully equipped.

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