Career Support Center

Career Support Centre

Geneva Business School offers Career Workshop services to GBS students.
At a glance, we provide opportunities for:

  • Networking
  • Internships
  • Professional Mentoring

Be it a BBA, BF, Masters or an MBA, your education is the first step towards a rewarding career in business and finance.
While we are proud to offer our students the best academic tools to succeed, everyone still needs to put them into practice.
That is why Geneva Business School has created our Career Centre Mentoring Program.
As you prepare for an internship or your first job our Mentors will assist you in creating your CV, writing a compelling motivation letter and preparing for interviews.
With our Mentoring Conferences, presented by some of the finest professionals, you will be given the opportunity to get invaluable insight into your future career and how to get there!
GBS also offers students the possibility to do an internship as part of their studies. This possibility is available to all GBS students. The equivalent of 3 credits per year is awarded for the completion of an internship.

Classes GBS

Career Workshops

Career Workshops are presented at GBS each semester.  The Career Workshops focus on preparing for an Internship and covers:

  • Finding a suitable internship (resources and search tips)
  • Building your CV
  • Building your online profile
  • Customising your Motivation Letter
  • Successfully completing applications
  • Tips for applying online
  • Preparing for the Interview

Career Workshops are fundamental to preparing for an Internship. The Career Workshops are presented by the GBS Career Centre Mentors. Professional Human Recourse specialists from the local Business community participate by invitation at the Career Workshops and make themselves available for consultation by our students during the Career Workshops.

It is important to note that attendance at the Career Workshops is a prerequisite for access to assistance from our Career Mentors and access to the Career Centre Mentoring Program.

Mentoring Conferences

Mentoring Conferences are presented at GBS each semester. The objective of the Mentoring Conferences is to bring real business closer to our students and to stimulate thought and discussion in terms of personal careers.
The Mentoring Conferences are presented by professionals from the Geneva Business community invited by Geneva Business School to share their insights into careers with our students.

Speakers present:

  • Their Company/Organisation/Profession
  • Their specific role and function
  • A brief personal career path
  • Specific topic or issue facing their Company/Organisation/Profession and how that relates to their function in their organisation.

Mentoring Conferences are highly interactive and students are encouraged to test the application of concepts learned in class with speakers.  Mentoring Conferences present an opportunity to network and reflect on career-building in an industry/sector, company/organisation or profession.

 It is important to note that attendance at the Mentoring conferences is compulsory and attendance registers are taken and monitored.

Know your Faculty

Courses at GBS are lectured by highly respected professionals offering students invaluable and practical insight to the world of finance. The majority of our faculty members hold doctorate degrees in their area of specialization, in addition to a minimum of 10 years professional experience.

As part of our mission to build a community of faculty and students with exceptional leadership and academic abilities, GBS hold regular, in-house pedagogical training sessions. These faculty training meetings provide golden opportunities for students to network with faculty.

The Mandatory Internship

Internships are an integral part of education at GBS. An internship contributes to the acquisition of skills and seeks the development of a sense of autonomy, responsibility and creativity in students as part of their qualifications.
Internships in companies or organisations provide students with access to additional training and experience in professional situations.  Internships allow companies and Organisations to contribute actively in the development and evaluation of GBS students.
To consolidate the knowledge acquired during the year, GBS students can do a Mandatory Internship with a minimum duration of 3 months in an organisation or company of their choice. An internship during the semester may be taken for up to 20 hours per week or as a full time internship during the GBS vacation period.
Internships can be carried out locally or abroad (during the holiday period). An internship must not interfere with a student’s normal weekly class attendance schedule.
A tri-party contract is required between the student, the company or organization where the student undertakes the internship and GBS.  The appropriate document is to be submitted to GBS before starting and after completing an internship.
The equivalent of 3 credits per year is awarded for the completion of a qualifying Mandatory Internship.
Internships are not necessarily undertaken for monetary compensation.

 It is important to note specific procedures apply for GBS to pre-approve a Mandatory Internship. 

Our Message to Students and Graduates

Our Message to Employers

Geneva Business School Junior Enterprise

Career Centre Mentoring Program

GBS has a team of experienced Career Centre Mentors to assist students in finding the ideal internship or career in the Swiss or international marketplace.

This includes helping students target organizations and refining their internship research, writing suitable motivation letters and CVs and marketing and presenting themselves during selection interviews.

To support students’ efforts, Mr. Michele Caracciolo di Brienza and Dr.Keltoum Irbah are available to assist.

Contact: Mr. Michele Caracciolo di Brienza
Tel : +41(22) 906 94 94
Available: Tuesdays and Wednesdays  09h00 to 13h00 in the Faculty Room

Contact: Dr Keltoum Irbah
Tel: +41(0)79 256 61 37
Days / hours: (Only Tuesdays)

It is important to note that attendance at the Career Workshops is a prerequisite for access to assistance from our Career Mentors and access to the Career Centre Mentoring Program.


Career Support Centre details are also available on the GBS internet site. See under Students/ Career Support Centre. GBS Extranet Internships are regularly listed on the GBS Extranet under: Student / Job Opportunities. The following reference documents can also be found under:  Student / Job Opportunities

  • Employment Agencies : Geneva
  • List of Multinational companies in Geneva
  • LinkedIn for Students
  • Internship and Job Searches
  • CV and Motivation Letter Preparation

  GBS Partners

GBS also offers internships at the end of students’ Bachelor and Master studies. This possibility is available to all GBS students through our partner companies Aquarius & KingStage London who manage placements, visa enquiries and practical preparation for placements.

GBS also has a partnership with Multiposting to inform students of the latest internship offers available.

Academic Work is another GBS partner platform that accepts applications from GBS Students holding a Swiss Student Permit for internships or temporary assignments. This is particularly relevant for students at our Geneva Campus. More information on this partnership available here.

GBS also has a partnership with Glassdoor the world’s most transparent career site, where students can access company reviews, salary data, interview processes without having to register. (Also available in French

GBS has on-going contact with a number of companies and organizations who regularly solicit GBS for talented students to fulfil intern positions.  Watch the GBS Extranet for postings and ensure that you remain in contact with the GBS Career Centre Mentors.

What our Doctorate candidates say

“I am glad to inform you that I got a second internship opportunity. This time it is with ITU, whereas the first one was with WHO. I found this job opening at GBS’s intranet sometime last November.
With this internship, I’ll get an easy access to most of the NGO’s libraries and academic centers. This will be highly beneficial for my thesis. Also, the current job scope is very relevant to my research topic- Communication Strategies. As such, it is an excellent opportunity to expand my knowledge.”

Ms Nivashini Rave Tattey