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Conference with Dr. Heini Shi

Specialization Weeks

Our Geneva campus recently hosted a conference on business segments China will lead worldwide. This event was attended by many guests, including the Swiss-Chinese business community, GBS staff and students.

The conference was led by Professor Heini Shi who holds a PhD from Bocconi University and now teaches Management at NYU, Shanghai.

Ms. Shi worked at the World Bank, UNCTAD, UNDP, designing economic policy and social development projects. She has extensive experience in 40 countries directing the implementation of complex projects, public-private partnerships, and advising market expansion strategies.

During the conference Ms. Shi delivered a compelling story on Chinese government and business strategies to expand abroad:

  • How the admission to WTO of China multiplied its GDP by 10 over a 15 year period
  • How its investments in Asia, Africa and Latin America overcame US investments
  • How huge projects in land and sea lanes infrastructure are preparing the ground for growth
  • How soft power and political forum enhance global trade in the Asia Pacific area
  • How China invests in key drivers of future growth (AI, Technology, robotics etc).

Events such as this one are a great opportunity for all those in attendance, especially our students, to learn about the future of our economy from an industry expert. We greatly look forward to the next conference!