The research mission of GBS

To empower businesses to tackle the great social and economic challenges of the 21st century.

Consultancy Project

Marketing consultancy project is a part of Master of Business Administration program, that is undertaken within Marketing block courses, namely, Strategic Marketing, New Business Development and Brand Management and PR. 

MBA course participants work together in the teams of four-five people as consultancy teams leveraging all the knowledge and skills gained during MBA program and previous work experience to present managerial recommendations on marketing related topics to the company according to client’s request, formulated and agreed upon in client brief.

The consultancy teams work under the supervision of Marketing courses lecturers – high profile consultants, who provide continuous support and feedback to course participants throughout the project.

The start of the project is planned for January 2018. The project duration is three months with a final presentation in April 2019. We invite companies to participate in the project on a free basis. The company is required to submit company profile and client brief by November 1st for approval to the Program Director (

Why participate in the consultancy project?

  • Experienced students working on the project under the guidance of faculty members
  • Detailed analysis of the current situation, practical recommendations and action plan developed as a result of the project
  • Optimal cost-benefit approach to gaining value from cooperation with GBS
  • Course participants will produce a written three-parts group report to a professional standard and make an oral presentation to the client organization on completion of the project.

Confidentiality note

All information collected by students in the course of the project and the final reports will be treated in full confidentiality and will not be disclosed to third parties or published. The reports will be read and assessed by course lecturers as Final Assignments and will be put through an electronic plagiarism check, beyond this, the content will not be disclosed. All students and any external supervisors sign a confidentiality agreement before they begin the project.

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