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Astana Campus Consultancy Project with Rixos Borovoe Hotel in Kazakhstan

Consultancy projects are an opportunity for MBA students to work together in teams as consultants to leverage all the knowledge and skills gained during their MBA program and previous work experience. The students get the chance to present managerial recommendations on marketing related topics to the company according to the client’s request.

The second round of consultancy project took part this spring in Astana campus and the company that students worked on to provide marketing consultancy was Rixos Borovoe Hotel, one of the biggest hotels in Kazakhstan. 35 MBA students participated in the project divided into 7 groups with 5 people in each group.

The consultancy teams worked under the supervision of marketing professionals, who provide continuous support and feedback to the students throughout the project. This year the teams were supervised by Mariana Alba, Dag Flachet, and Samat Amalbay. The project was structured into three parts and parts of the reports were given as a final assignment. Strategic Marketing included market analysis, strategy planning, a new business development that focused on the creation of the marketing road map for the company, and brand management that aimed to attract clients by using neuromarketing tools.


The project started with meeting hotel representatives, where top-managers explained their issue and set an objective for the consulting teams. The main query of the hotel was to increase the number of high-income guests while maintaining middle-income guests. During the project, teams had an online call with sales management and company visit. The hotel management invited students to visit the hotel and showed them around. Then lunch was organized with the General Manager of the hotel, where students asked more questions and discuss possible solutions. The General Manager of the hotel announced that the team selected to have the best presentation and report will be awarded 1-night stay at the hotel per student in a group.

The project turned out to be successful, as both company and students were happy about the results and gained great benefits. The company received seven detailed reports with analysis and recommendations, which gave them a lot of opportunities for further improvements. Students, on the other hand, received real-life exposure in the consultancy world, widened their network and were able to apply the knowledge and skills gained throughout the program. .