COVID-19 Global Challenge


Take on the Global Challenge and help your local community after COVID-19

Our School’s Response to COVID-19

Geneva Business School wants to empower our students to be part of the solution at this unprecedented time in history. As part of our response to the COVID-19 global health crisis, we have created The Global Challenge, an individual project addressing the local social impact of the crisis on each student’s home country. With over 80 nationalities represented across our campuses, we have a unique global perspective on the situation.


Our Students Want to Help

The student body at Geneva Business School cares about their local communities and young people whose education has been disrupted and wants to help them stay connected with their learning. The Global Challenge requires them to reach out to their local community in their home country. They can do this in two ways; Collecting data and insights from businesses, family, and friends to monitor and report back on the impact in their region, or by reaching out to local high school students to help them stay engaged with their studies. Together the projects will create a map outlining how most of the world is currently coping with, preparing for, or recovering from the COVID-19 coronavirus outbreak.


Our School Supports Good Ideas

Our faculty members are at the forefront of this initiative, providing support and advice to students who participate. A foundational project for qualitative research-based investigation, this project will enable the students to put into practice the leadership and problem-solving skills they acquire in class. Working with multimedia will build their skills in project management and effectively communicating their ideas. The insight and intelligence gathered will be a valuable resource for all to benefit from.


Our Learning Approach Promotes Sustainable Development

Project-based learning at Geneva Business School is a fundamental part of our teaching style, as it prepares our students for global business settings of the 21st century. Further to this is the holistic approach to sustainable and inclusive business practices, whereby all stakeholders are accounted for and accountable. Student projects based on real-world issues are fundamental to our students’ professional development and bringing our students’ classwork to life.


Our Motto Drives The Global Challenge

In alignment with our “Real Business, Responsible Leaders” philosophy, we want to use this unique opportunity to reach out to key stakeholders in the towns and cities which are local to our students. See how they are coping with the crisis, and also to lend a hand to young people who could use some help. We hope to create a positive social impact and give them the knowledge and skills to lead responsibly in their future careers, be it in social enterprise or business.

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Are you Faculty and want to help?

If you want to find out more about the Global Challenge or for press inquiries send us an email.