Admission Process

For an applicant to be able to successfully pass this stage, the following documents must be submitted:

  • Photocopy of all required academic diplomas obtained. 

  • One passport photo

  • Copy of passport / National ID

  • Resume / CV

  • Reference letters. Minimum of 1 reference letter, maximum 2.

  • Introduction letter providing reasons for wishing to study on the desired program at GBS

  • A 5-page document proposal indicating the ideas you want to pursue during your DBA program.

  • A payment of 150 Euro for the Application Fee.


Entry Qualifications

To participate in the DBA program you must have a master’s degree, preferably in a business-related subject. 

In addition you must have significant professional experience and be able to demonstrate that you are in a position to complete the program and to use it to enhance your practice at work and in your future career.

Students who have a master’s degree in another discipline can gain entry to the program if they are in a senior position within their current organization.

Students must be able to meet the demands of the program and in particular should be confident in their use of English – written and spoken.

Students should include their English language certification or evidence of having used English in a recent work context when they apply for entry to the program.

Doctorate’s Fees for 2018. (prices in Euros)
  • Application Fee = €150 (Non-refundable, paid upon application)
  • Administration fee = € 1.900 (one time fee)
  • Tuition per semester = € 6.000 (Total 3 year program / 6 semesters)




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