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Business Hunters

Geneva Business School’s third Business Hunters event took place in Madrid at the end of January and was a roaring success. The annual competition sees teams of students showcase their entrepreneurial skills, from business planning to pitching ideas. After previous tough-fought rounds between 14 teams, six finalists battled it out on 24 January 2020. All teams put in months of hard work before taking to the stage in front of four judges for a €600 prize.

Three of the teams, Shork, Intouch with Home, and Sober Up, were made up of first-year students who had the confidence and drive to present their plans in just one semester. The second round of teams, Quickie, IntermasterCup, and the winners, Quoin, all had a bit more experience, being from semesters two and three.

Business Hunters is judged by
top entrepreneurs and business leaders

With judges such as these, Geneva Business School students have a unique advantage.
The judges don’t just teach and inspire, but also open up their networks and offer on-going advice to their students.
This year, the panel of judges was made up of top entrepreneurs and business leaders who analyzed each proposition and gave advice:

Business Hunters

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Our 2020 Judges

Alvaro Luzón

Alvaro Luzón is the Cofounder and Business Development Manager at Antevenio Shakers, a 360 marketing agency specializing in esports and gaming, composed of human capital and with extensive experience in the sector.

Daniel E. González

Daniel E. González, Sponsorship Manager LATAM and Spain at MarathonBet, helps to provide support services for a number of online betting and gaming companies, which are truly disruptive forces in the industry.

Felice Snider

CEO and Founder of Aviomar Group, Felice Snider, has been leading one of the most important companies in the LATAM logistic chain industry. He also uses his logistics expertise as CEO of MoveMe, a Geneva Business School partner that helps our students adjust to studying abroad.

Catalina Hoffmann Muñoz-Seca

Last but certainly not least was Catalina Hoffmann Muñoz-Seca, CEO and Founding Partner of Vitalia and the Catalina Hoffmann Holding Group. Throughout her career, she has made serious waves in business, with the Catalina Hoffmann Method and appearances as a judge on Tu Oportunidad, the Spanish version of Shark Tank.

A Great Opportunity for Entrepreneurship

All 14 teams deserve a huge round of applause for their efforts. Whether they won or not, all of the teams learned about the key highs and lows of entrepreneurship. Tough decisions had to be made on whether to push on with an idea, or go back to the drawing board and start again. 

This experience gives students key experience in setting up their own companies, but also helps to develop the key teamwork and personal development skills that are essential for success. Business Hunters gives students experience in how to operate in uncertainty, how to bounce back from failure, and how to get the best out of others.

We’d like to extend a special thanks to Stuart Minnaar and Vera Mandic, whose hard work and dedication make this event possible. 

Similarly, a big thank you to Moveme and Totto, our two sponsors for the event.

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