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Industry Insights (formerly GBSSessions and GBSConferences) are monthly live events where industry experts hold interactive conferences with students and the wider Geneva Business School community. A diverse range of topics are discussed from Entrepreneurship to Sustainability, from International Management to Emotional Intelligence. Everyone is welcome to participate in a session, or just dial in and listen to some insights from thought leaders and highly experienced professionals in their field.

Currently our Industry Insights events are being held virtually with guest speakers holding conferences via Google Hangouts Meet.

Here you will find upcoming Industry Insights as well as the video recordings of past events if you missed out!

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Industry Insights 2020

Kamal Dadashov - 22 May

Guest Speaker: Visiting Professor and Manager at SOCAR, Kamal Dadashov.

Topic: Kamal will describe the price volatility with a global impact on oil-producing and non-oil-producing countries. In his talk, he will tackle how adverse price movement will change the concept of the global economy.

About the speaker
Kamal Dadashov is originally from Azerbaijan but was educated MS Finance in Neoma Business School. He has over 13 years’ professional experience in different fields of finance. He has developed himself as a manager in the Oil and Gas Industry in SOCAR (State Oil Company of the Republic of Azerbaijan) for over 8 years specializing in financial modeling and management. The several past years have been spent learning how to work with perspectives and how to follow through with his work ethics in both teamwork and individual tasks, bringing the best results possible for the responsibilities he holds. He is also currently a visiting professor at Geneva Business School, instructing students in the oil and gas industry.

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Francesc Dominguez & Helen Harvey - 20 May

Session #1

Date & Time: 20 May 14:30 – 15:30

WATCH: YouTube Link


Guest Speaker: Francesc Dominguez 

Topic: Your Personal Branding


“The smartest thing you can do in your professional life is to become the leading expert in a particular area of knowledge, regardless of the size or location of your firm. The more you understand yourself, the more you’ll be able to shine as a professional. The professional’s improvement process begins by recognising that real change begins in oneself. If you identify what you need to improve, accept it and acquire key habits, such as defining strategies, improving your commercial skills, devoting qualitative time to personal branding and so on, your competitiveness in the marketplace will be boosted. How to achieve it? Let’s discuss it.”

About the speaker

Francesc Dominguez has been a pioneering legal marketing consultant in continental Europe since 2001. Francesc is also an adviser in personal branding for accountants, economists, lawyers, consultants, advisers, etc., and trainer in commercial skills. He is a partner at
Barton Consultants
, a consultancy firm based in Barcelona, and the author of hundreds of articles and several books on marketing, published in English, French, and Spanish.

Session #2


Date & Time: 20 May 16:00 – 17:00

WATCH: YouTube Link


Guest Speaker: Helen Harvey

Topic: Social Enterprise World Forum 2020: From in-person event to virtual


Founded in 2008 in Scotland, Social Enterprise World Forum (SEWF) is the world’s leading event for social enterprise practitioners. Each year it is held in a different country in partnership with a local host. In 2020, the event was due to be held in Halifax, Canada in September with around 1500 people expected to attend from over 50 countries. Due to COVID-19, SEWF had the choice to cancel or go virtual. In this session Helen will cover how SEWF is adapting the event for an online audience, including some of the challenges and opportunities presented.

About the speaker

Helen is a freelance consultant supporting social enterprises and charities to increase their impact and sustainability through support with projects, events and business development. She has over a decade of experience (and 25+ years volunteering) supporting organisations in a range of areas including independent media, health, employment and education. Recent clients have included Social Enterprise Academy, Hey Girls, INSP (International Network of Street Papers) and Google’s Digital News Innovation Fund. She is also Program Manager of the Social Enterprise World Forum (SEWF).


Jesús Herencia & Zoltan Búzady - 6 May

Session #1

Date & Time: 6 May 14:30 – 15:30

WATCH: YouTube Link

Guest Speaker: Jesús Herencia 

Topic: Are we ready for Blockchain?

Blockchain and Business: Are the sectors and the Digital market ready for blockchain? What have we got to learn to be able to apply blockchain to our startup and/or enterprise? Does it make sense to apply it?

About the speaker

Jesús Herencia has been an IT expert and Systems Manager in the marketing and bank sectors since 2006. For more than four years he has worked as a technical, financial and change management consultant for information systems related to Blockchain/DLT. He has fostered a self-described ‘love’ for the startup world and entrepreneurship since 2012. Jesús is deeply passionate about the whole blockchain ecosystem.

Session #2

Date & Time: 6 May 16:00 – 17:00

WATCH: YouTube Link

Guest Speaker: Zoltan Buzády

Topic: Flow, Leadership (Development) & Serious Games.

Want to find out about “What is The Flow” – also known as being in the “Zone”? How can Professor Csikszentmihalyi’s theory (the founder of positive psychology as a new academic field of science since 1999) be of practical use for you as a future leader? How does his innovation – the map of everyday mental states – work in business life? How can you become a better leader and which skills you can develop? How can video-games and modern interactive-movies really measure your 29 leadership skills and how can you easily develop your skills-score whilst enjoying being a virtual leader? Why is the analytical data-analysis of 22000+ global managers, leaders and executives profile relevant for your future competitiveness and how can you grow your psychological capital for success? Join us to find out & May the Flow be with You!

 About the speaker

Guided by the motto “Learning, Leading, Leapfrogging”, Zoltan Búzady has a quarter-century of experimentation and innovation at the interface of Leadership, Psychology and Gamification: He has authored several global-award-winning teaching case studies, won international pedagogical innovation awards and has extensive practical experience. His current research focuses on Leadership and Flow Theory, combining it with Self-Development, aiming to further Leadership Development that is applicable in different cultural and situational contexts. These new insights can be ideally used for Future-proof Talent Management and Modern Leadership Strategies based on the modern big-data and predictive HR analysis of the global award-winning FLIGBY Serious Game.

Quentin Ankri - 1 May

Session #1

Date & Time: 1 May 14:00 – 15:00 CEST

WATCH: YouTube Link

Guest Speaker: Quentin Ankri


24/7 International News Media: Differences between eastern & western Europe.

Digital strategist Quentin Ankri will give us his account of running the first International European Media outlet. Euronews operates a 12 distinct language operation across the world, and currently are developing a branded channel network across Eastern Europe. In his session, Quentin will go over the main strategic objectives of running a media in the west versus in the east.

About the speaker

Quentin Ankri in his own words…”Dynamic and driven project management professional with 8 years’ experience developing technology & media ventures across the globe.” He is part of the Branded Channels Program Management @ EURONEWS. Also a producer @ Europe emlyon MBA Club – the only European show dedicated to top management executives

Quentin’s Professional Experience:
– Led a team of 4 senior consultants at BIOMERIEUX, working on the 2.0 Performance Management Process
– Drove GREENSKY WIND SYSTEMS, a renewable energy technology company, raised money from institutional investors in the USA achieving key milestones and driving the overall company valuation up.
– Set up the franchise program for ORANGE HEALTHCARE ENOVACOM in the UK, Canada and USA
– Developed Invictus, a VC funded software company in Mexico focused on reducing national electricity usage.
– Developed NATEXO´s client’s media strategies on the Spanish market
– Directed the Hotel & Tourism digital and paper publications as well as ITB Berlin News content

Specialties: Media, Franchise Management, Multicultural Leadership, Marketing & international sales, Strategy, Planning and analysis, Critical Thinking; Decision making, Problem-solving, Change management, Team management, Communication & networking, Goal-oriented, Emotional Intelligence, Global mindset.

Fluent communications skills across English, French and Spanish speakers. “

Jonathan Cave - 9 April

Session #1

Date & Time: 9 April 14:00 – 15:45 CEST

WATCH: YouTube Link

Guest Speaker: Jonathan Cave

Topic: Leveraging Talents & Better Decision-Making

Jonathan Cave will guide us on a journey into what makes us great and how to make better decisions as we head through the COVID-19 crisis and into a “new normal”.


About the speaker

Jonathan Cave was a successful international lawyer, working with some of the world’s wealthiest families. Three years ago, he decided to service these families in a different way, by helping them become better versions of themselves. This lead him to create MyPhy. Now, in addition to working with High-Net-Worth families, Jonathan works with corporate teams and leaders across the globe helping them empower themselves.

Claudia Tridapalli & Fabiola Martínez - 1 April

Session #1

Date & Time: 1 April 14:30 – 15:30

WATCH: Youtube link

Guest Speaker: Claudia Tridapalli 

Topic: Managing emotions

How to effectively manage and channel your emotions for productive outcomes

Who have never got lost at some moment in life by strong and overwhelming emotions? But have you ever stopped to think what are emotions? What happens to our bodies when we feel them? What is the process that we use to generate them? Businesses are made by people, and being able to lead and guide decisions with clarity demand a strong ability to manage our own emotions. In a time where we are being exposed to big changes and uncertainty, it is important to learn that we are able to use our intense emotions towards productive mindsets and outcomes. Claudia Tridapalli’s talk will explore important discoveries in the science of emotions, giving us essential knowledge and techniques to increase our self-awareness, and mainly how to effectively manage the mix of emotions we feel everyday. 

About the speaker

Claudia Tridapalli has an Engineering background with more than 13 years of experience working with Product Development for large corporations, in areas such as Lean and Sustainability. Being part of many initiatives that demanded change management and strong teamwork, it became clear the importance of the role of people’s behaviour and their soft skills into making projects and teams a success or a failure. With her work and life experience she started to get more interested in the topic of human behaviour, and 1,5 years ago added to her career becoming a consultant of the DeRose Method, a personal development method that she had been practicing as a student for 8 years.

Claudia focuses today in developing her career as a teacher and consultant, bringing together both experiences by applying concepts and techniques to improve businesses work environment, teams and people ́s performance.

Session #2

Date & Time: 1 April 16:00 – 17:00

WATCH: Youtube link

Guest Speaker: Fabiola Martinez

Topic: Unlock your creativity

A 5 step guide for entrepreneurs 

Creativity is a key factor for any kind of project, but for entrepreneurs it is even more important, because an entrepreneur’s mind is continuously looking for opportunities and undertaking risks. Unlocking our creative thinking powers innovation, opens new perspectives, and helps to find solutions to roadblocks and problems.
In this talk, Fabiola would like to share a few things with you that she has discovered over almost a decade of trying to figure out how to succeed as an entrepreneur.

About the speaker

A little about Fabiola, in her own words…

Mexican, enjoying life in Barcelona. I am passionate about the creative process. I love studying the consumer’s behaviour and the market’s psychology. I believe communication is everything; a successful project begins when you understand what does move people during their decision-making process, and how to connect with their desires and emotions. I’ve managed my own editorial and artistic project all by myself for the last 5 years. (With a little help from my friends, the Beatles would say!)

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