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TEDx events at Geneva Business School

Geneva Business School hosts TEDx events on both the Geneva and Barcelona campuses with the addition of creating TEDx Studio talks from time to time in our media room.

Please enjoy a selection of the most recent TEDx talks from our esteemed guests, faculty, and students below:



TEDx Geneva Business School

Geneva Campus 2020

On October 8 2020 our Geneva Campus hosted the first TEDx event at our school.

Geneva Business School invited esteemed guest speakers to our first student-run TEDx event to explore the following theme:

Is our growing society equipped to care for the mental health of its individuals?

About the speakers

The Future of Psychiatry | Logos Curtis

Logos Curtis is the head of the Geneva Young Adult Psychiatry Unit, where he currently works on continually integrating psychiatric, psychotherapeutic, and psychosocial care into early interventions for young adults. Very active in clinical research, having published over fifteen scientific articles (H-Index=10) mainly in the field of young adults and psychoses, Logos is dedicated to the training and education of our future psychiatrists.  He is very actively engaged in the teaching programs of the University of Geneva's psychiatry department. He heads up the postgraduate training group, and co-heads the pregraduate education groups both at Master level (Psychiatry) and Bachelor level (Clinical neurosciences).

Mental health issues due to COVID-19 | Vincent Subilia

Vincent Subilia is the Director-General of the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Services (CCIG) in Geneva. Vincent strives for a lively and diversified business community in Geneva. A qualified lawyer with robust expertise gained in Switzerland and abroad (including Brussels, London, New York and Beijing) he has a depth of experience with diverse regional, national, and international institutions, including the General Council of the World Chamber’s Federation, where we served as the elected Swiss representative. Vincent has also acted as President of the Swiss Chambers’ Arbitration Institution.

Different tools for business | Claire Cunneen

Different tools for the business world to think about. Energy is dynamic, ever-changing, and timely. From the point of view of energy, everything is connected and we have experienced this very clearly with this pandemic. Claire Cunneen has been teaching self-development through movement, body-mind techniques, and Qigong, meditation, and reflection across the US and in Europe for 30 years. She designed and taught the Qigong curriculum at Mercy College’s Acupuncture & Oriental Medicine Program and was one of the original instructors in the Qi development program at Yo San University of TCM. She offers therapeutic care with individually tailored Qigong protocols and with Qigong Therapy as part of the TCM modalities available at AcuCentre, gives private and group instruction in Qigong & Tai Chi, offers private coaching and Feng Shui consultations, and co-moderates InfiniChi Life coaching, Feng Shui and healthy cooking seminars.

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