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About Us

The Story of Geneva Business School

Professor Francis Kahn, President of Geneva Business School, explains the history of the School, from his early days of teaching to creating the University of Finance, and the 25-year journey of developing Geneva Business School

Our History


In the beginning, the focus was on providing training and professional development for bankers in Switzerland. Founder Professor Francis Kahn was approached by leading Swiss banks to create an intensive course for bank employees. The banks paid for the courses and the participants had to achieve a passing grade and owed their employers two years of fidelity after attaining their diploma.


In the early 2000s, the school developed new iterations of its offering and public persona, up until 2009 when the name Geneva Business School was made official. A focus on quality quickly led to a number of international accreditations to offer recognized degrees to its students. Over the course of the next decade, the structure of the school evolved to include undergraduate students, rising to meet the demands of a global business environment.


Professor Kahn decided to expand the business model further with his associates where each campus would be a niche institution hosting around 200 students, working with professionally active faculty members in major multinationals of prominent cities throughout Europe and other economically strong and diverse emerging business communities. 

Soon, he partnered with other schools across the globe, and developed them according to the Geneva Business School model in SpainUAE, and Myanmar.


Today Geneva Business School hosts a diverse student community and faculty with over 80 nationalities across our campuses, and a proud alumni network growing with each graduation.

Our History Timeline

Looking Forward…

At Geneva Business School, we are celebrating over 25 years of cutting-edge, Swiss-quality education. Since our creation in 1995, we have developed from a single campus to state-of-the-art campuses in Geneva, Barcelona, and Madrid, with plans to expand even further.

During that time, our professionally active faculty have guided Bachelor’s, Master’s, MBA and DBA students both inside the classroom and at off-campus events, providing a 360º learning experience that fully prepares students for the modern job market.

With a commitment to evolving with modern educational demands, we are expanding our campus network, integrating new technology in our classrooms, and designing new courses to meet the needs of our current and future students.

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