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Nicola Jackman-Lansdowne

Managing Director Henton Consulting, SL

Spain Campus Director and International Business & Development Director

Nicola Jackman-Lansdowne has an esteemed background in diplomacy and International Relations. Known to her colleagues as the person who never took no for an answer, she thrives on questioning the unquestionable at all times. A specialist in IR and negotiation, her main interest has been to understand the trinomial power game of state governance, society, and economic actors whilst focusing on sustainable development. Nicola is currently Campus Director of our Barcelona and Madrid campuses in Spain, while also overseeing our partner campuses in Kazakhstan, Myanmar, and the United Arab Emirates. Nicola is also an instructor of International Relations, Global Events, Strategic Management, Crisis Management amongst others. Nicola is currently pursuing a doctoral degree in Business Administration at Geneva Business School. Nicola is the Campus Director for Spain and teaches at our Partner campuses.

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