Industry Insights - Gabriel Gonzalez Gil
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Industry Insights - Gabriel Gonzalez Gil

Join the webinar in person in the Madrid Auditorium or watch it online!

Data: To the infinite & Beyond!

Guest Speaker: Gabriel Gonzalez Gil

In this data-driven edition of Industry Insights, Gabriel Gonzalez Gil will share Spanish Bank, BBVA's strategy and learnings with Data and how they define and apply a global strategy in their global footprint.


About the Speaker

Gabriel González is an MSC Naval Architect and Master in eCommerce by EFBBVA, with over 20 years of international experience in product and market development, focused on sales and growth for major global financial institutions. He currently works at BBVA as a Global Executive Data Strategy Director, responsible for leveraging Data & AI to boost BBVA's capabilities to acquire new customers and develop existing ones. He is also responsible for identifying Big Data-related new businesses to help them to bloom and succeed. Gabriel is also EAE Business School's Master director and a teacher, plus co-founder of a small online business he launched with his family.


Industry Insights will be held live and streamed online in Fall 2021

Gabriel Gonzalez Gil

Data: To the infinite & Beyond!

16:45 - 18:15 CET (UTC +1)

Auditorium, Madrid Campus

24 November 2021 

Join the webinar on Google Meet


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Industry Insights - Gabriel Gonzalez Gil