TEDx event in October: Lessons Learned
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TEDx event in October: Lessons Learned

On October 27 Barcelona Campus hosts the second TEDx event for our school.
In October Geneva Business School will host a TEDx event at our Barcelona campus to explore the following theme:
Lessons Learned: Are we really capable as humans to learn from our mistakes?
After a year of the worst natural disasters, record climate change, civil unrest, and a global pandemic, humanity is facing a reckoning for future generations. The urgent need to adapt, pivot, and adjust to new ways of living are vital for the survival of society and indeed life on earth.

The first TEDx event hosted by Geneva Business School Barcelona will feature a range of faculty and alumni discussing the ways in which we as humans must adapt and innovate in order to keep moving forward and what lessons we have learned to bring us to this point. Our speakers are all current faculty or alumni covering topics ranging from crisis management and adapting business models during COVID-19, to entrepreneurship and personal development in times of hardship.

The event will be held on October 27th at 18:30 CET (UTC +1) sharp in our Auditorium and followed by a light cocktail dinner on our Barcelona Campus. The speakers will give their insights on the topic from their perspective, as well as prepare a short visual presentation to accompany their thoughts. Social distancing and COVID-19 protocols will be observed in the Auditorium and throughout the campus.

This event will be recorded and posted on our YouTube channel and the TEDx website after the event.

The Speakers

  • Javier Gonzalez - Entrepreneurship survival during a pandemic
  • Ricardo Jovani - How a well-spoken phrase can change your life forever
  • Sara Jach - The role of mistakes in language learning
  • Tom Van der Heyden - How close is too close for comfort? Surviving a near bankruptcy!
  • Moyosore Saka - The global pandemic's impact on Digitalisation and the African Ecosystems
  • Elena Emma - How to balance your mental health and complete a Ph.D. while in the middle of a pandemic

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This event will be recorded and posted on our YouTube channel and the TEDx website after the event.
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TEDx event in October: Lessons Learned