TEDx on Geneva Campus in October!
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TEDx on Geneva Campus in October!

On October 8 Geneva Campus hosts the first TEDx event at our school.
In October Geneva Business School will host its first TEDx event at our to explore the following theme:
Is our growing society equipped to care for the mental health of its individuals?
It is apparent that today more than ever before that questions of mental health are of greater importance and need to be discussed with some urgency. The lack of mental health awareness in our present-day society must be addressed, discussed, and reversed. The taboos associated with mental health must be broken at last and conversations on this topic must be normalized.
The first TEDx event ever hosted by Geneva Business School will feature a range of experts with opinions and ideas looking at both the medical and societal implications of the theme. The speakers will challenge us to see the options available to answer this question with examples and expertise from the areas of psychiatry, western and alternative medicine, and International law and business.

The event will be held on October 8th at 7:00 pm sharp in our Auditorium and followed by a light cocktail dinner on our Geneva Campus. The speakers will be requested to convey their insights on the matter as well as prepare a short visual presentation to accompany their thoughts, statements, assessments, opinions, and conclusions. Social distancing and COVID-19 protocols will be observed in the Auditorium and throughout the campus.

This event will be recorded and posted on our YouTube channel and the TEDx website after the event.

The Speakers

Vincent Subilia
Vincent is the Director-General of the Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Services (CCIG) in Geneva. Vincent strives for a lively and diversified business community in Geneva. A qualified lawyer with robust expertise gained in Switzerland and abroad (including Brussels, London, New York and Beijing) he has a depth of experience with diverse regional, national, and international institutions, including the General Council of the World Chamber’s Federation, where we served as the elected Swiss representative. Vincent has also acted as President of the Swiss Chambers’ Arbitration Institution.

Logos Curtis
Logos is the head of the Geneva Young Adult Psychiatry Unit, where he currently works on continually integrating psychiatric, psychotherapeutic, and psychosocial care into early interventions for young adults. Very active in clinical research, having published over fifteen scientific articles (H-Index=10) mainly in the field of young adults and psychoses, Logos is dedicated to the training and education of our future psychiatrists.  He is very actively engaged in the teaching programs of the University of Geneva's psychiatry department. He heads up the postgraduate training group, and co-heads the pregraduate education groups both at Master level (Psychiatry) and Bachelor level (Clinical neurosciences).

Claire Cuneen
Claire has over 30 years of experience teaching self-development through movement, body-mind techniques, and Qigong, meditation, and reflection across the US and in Europe. Claire is in private practice at AcuCentre in Geneva as a coach, teacher, and Qi healing therapist. She offers private coaching and group instruction in Qigong, leads Infinichi coaching week-ends, and is co-moderating healthy cooking classes trough Chi Rivers. Whether through coaching, teaching or Feng Shui counsel, she looks to support all aspects of a healthy life – physical, mental, financial, career/life direction and relationships - and to facilitate the growth journey of each, reconnecting with their unique inner strength to move through the challenges of life.
Michael Ljuslin
Michael is an internal medicine physician working to empower patients and mitigate all kinds of suffering in their life. He is currently writing a doctorate on how to promote spirituality & meaning in the end-of-life existential distress, including the potential use of psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy in this context. He works with therapies assisted by non-ordinary-states-of-consciousness which include the medical use of psychedelics. In his current work, he practices hypnosis to support his patients. He is also qualified as an independent rater for the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies (MAPS). He is an advocate of integrative, ecological, and sustainable medicine for the individual, society, and the environment.

Places are limited in the Auditorium so get in touch if you are interested to attend this exceptional event in Geneva.

This event will be recorded and posted on our YouTube channel and the TEDx website after the event.
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TEDx on Geneva Campus in October!