Welcome Week - Spring 2021
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Welcome Week - Spring 2021

A fresh start to a better year!

Welcome Week in 2021: the fresh start we all need!

Join our Welcome Week activities and meet new friends, discover your new city and get to know the school and everything we have to offer you. Across all three campuses, we will have a range of fun things to do online and in person!


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This year is going to be an extra special Welcome Week, we are so excited to see everyone! Take a look at what we have planned in Geneva, Barcelona, and Madrid. For the first time ever we will host a cross-campus games day too, meet your colleagues on other campuses and find out who is the most competitive when it comes to trivia!

In Geneva, you will be joining online but the schedule is packed with a lot of helpful and fun things to do. Meet your Student Council and cross live to Spain and make friends with your peers in Barcelona and Madrid.

During Welcome Week in Barcelona, students will be having an interactive foodie cooking show and tasting some sweet and savory delights in person and students at home can join via live stream. As a very special treat, this year our Madrid Campus will join the Barcelona campus in a combined Spanish Welcome Week extravaganza, we cannot wait! 


Our Welcome Week will run from 22-26 February 2021.

For all the events and Welcome week schedules, please click on your campus below:

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Welcome Week - Spring 2021