Our Faculty

All our courses are led by highly experienced market professionals, who impart invaluable and practical insights into the worlds of business and finance to our students.

A high number of our faculty members have Doctorate degrees in their area of specialization, in addition to a minimum of 10 years professional experience. You can find the list of professors for the current semester below.

Faculty Vacancies

GBS is often looking for highly skilled faculty members to complete the team in the forthcoming semester(s), kindly send a recent CV to geneva@gbsge.com.

We are currently searching for experienced professors/experts in the fields of:

  • Customer Relationship Management (Bachelor/Master)
  • Human Resources Management (Bachelor/Master)

Current GBS Faculty

Here is a non exhaustive list of the current GBS Faculty Members:

Mr. Bhanu Kiran DESIRAJU
Subject: Marketing, Management and Sales
Education: IMD Lausanne
Employed: Japan Tobacco International

Subject: Finance & Management
Education: Harvard University
Employed: Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Ford UK

Dr. James PATON
Subject: Strategic and Change Management
Education: University of Strathclyde
Employed: Invenzyme UK, Amoco Chemical Group, Universal Matthey Products

Dr. Jeanette EBERLE
Subject: Finance and Economics
Education: University of Missouri
Employed: Webber International University

Dr. Jean-Claude ESAKI
Subject: Information Systems
Education: University of Geneva
Employed: Hôpitaux Universitaires de Genève, University of Geneva

Mr. Federico ESPONDA
Subject: Spanish Language
Education: University of Geneva
Employed: College Marcel Anthonioz, University of Geneva

Mr. Michael GASSNER
Subject: Islamic Finance
Education: University of Siegen
Employed: Bank J. Safra Sarasin, Bosna Bank International, Bank Aljazira

Dr. Jonathan CURCI
Subject: International Business Law
Education: University of Geneva
Employed: Titanium Finance, BEL World

Mrs. Karine MARTINEZ
Subject: Leadership for Management & Business
Education: Haute Ecole de Gestion
Employed: Geneva University Hospitals, Kuwait Direct Investment Promotion Authority, UNCTAD, International Trade Center

Dr. Keltoum IRBAH
Subject: Sociology & Human Rights
Education: University of Geneva
Employed: World Federation of United Nations Association, Center for Human Rights United Nations

Dr. Mariana ALBA
Subject: Marketing & Communications
Education: Complutense University
Employed: MassChallenge Geneva, Globethics, IATA

Subject: Information Systems
Education: University College London
Employed: GBS Geneva, I.A.C.B.E, E.C.B.E.

Subject: Shipping and Logistics
Education: Middlesex University
Career: Senior Financial Analyst at MSC Mediterranean Shipping Company

Dr. Dominique XARDEL
Subject: Strategic Management
Education: University of Paris Dauphine
Employed: ESSEC, Unilever

Mr. Felix URECH
Subject: Foreign Market Analysis
Education: University of Geneva
Employed: Urech and Partners, Credit Suisse Group, Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy Group

Subject: Project Management
Education: University of Geneva
Employed: PSE Foundation Science Park, UEFA, Nestlé, Swatch Group, Louis Vuitton Moët Hennessy Group

Mr. Stephan WIRTZ
Subject: Marketing
Education: INSEAD
Employed: Siemens, President Wilson Hotel

Mrs. Stavriani TSOLAKIDOU
Subject: Language & Literature
Education: University of Exeter
Employed: Geneva Language Center

Dr. Elizabeth KEMF
Subject: Environmental Studies
Education: University of Geneva
Employed: UNESCO, WWF, World Economic Forum

Dr. Philippe BUTTY
Subject: Taxation & Law
Education: University of Lausanne
Employed: Adlatus, Quorum, Credit Suisse, UBS

Mr. Alain GUER
Subject: Financial and Management Accounting
Education: University of Bordeaux
Employed: Tribunal de Commerce – Thonon, VICARB China, INDOSUEZ Bank

Dr. Narmina GARAYEVA
Subject: Oil&Gas Field Managements
Education: Baku State University
Employed: British Petroleum, LUKoil, Addax Petroleum, Socar Upstream

Mrs. Kahina NEHAR
Subject: French Language
Education: University of Chambery
Employed: Geneva Business Institute, College of Annecy, College de Cluses

Dr. David NETO
Subject: Economics
Education: University of Paris-Sorbonne
Employed: Geneva University Hospitals, Edwards lifesciences, University of Geneva, French National Bank

Mr. Pablo LO MORO
Subject: Business and Economics
Education: University of Oxford
Employed: International Trade Center, World Bank Group

Mrs. Patricia ARMAND
Subject: Human Resources Management
Education: University of Geneva
Employed: BS Management, Credit Suisse, City of Geneva.

Dr. Philippe LAURENT
Subject: International Strategy, Business Development
Education: University of St. Gallen
Employed: Golay Buchel Group, Ouat Holding

Dr. Daniel ROYER
Subject: Econometrics and Statistics
Education: University of Geneva
Employed: University of Lausanne, University of France-Comte, University of Paris-Sorbonne, University of Geneva

Subject: Sociology & Human Rights
Education: Harvard University
Employed: United Nations, Alcan Europe, ActInvest International

Mr. Marcel GASSEN
Subject: Oil and Gas Trading
Education: University Louis Pasteur
Employed: Gassen Consulting, Kurt Salmon, PwC, Deloitte, Lombard Odier Darier Hentsch & Cie

Mr. Samuel WEE
Subject: Management of Organisations
Education: Webster University
Employed: Cohesion Dynamics, MetaCore Services, Wee Consulting, GMG Holding

Mrs. Annelies WIND
Subject: Financial Mathematics
Education: University of Geneva
Employed: Banks and Training Centers, Prudential SA, Lloyds Bank

Dr. Victor YERRIS
Subject: Finance and Business Administration
Education: University of Geneva
Employed: Citibank Group, UBS, Ernst & Young

Subject: Private Equity
Education: ESSEC
Employed: BOOST&Co, Akina Ltd, Converging Capital, ING Bank, PORTZAMPARC

Mrs. Cassandre BURGESS
Subject: Economics and Project Management
Education: University of Johannesburg
Employed: DeBeers Group, JCSolutions

Subject: Academic Writing
Education: University of Geneva
Employed: Agence CRP, MSC Cruise, IBM, JP Morgan Chase

Subject: Finance & Risk Management
Education: University of Geneva
Employed: BNP Paribas Group, Barclays Bank

Dr. Jaime DE MELO
Subject: Research & Economics
Education: University John Hopkins
Employed: FERDI, University of Geneva, The World Bank, USAID

Mr. Francesco DERCHI
Subject: Digital Marketing
Education: ESADE
Employed: This is D Consulting, Global Shapers Community, Dartway Interactive Agency, PBcom, NH-N Records

Dr. Attila SHELLEY
Subject: Investment Management
Education: Stanford University
Career: Lloyds Bank, Julius Baer bank, HSBC, Dunasoft RT

Mr. Eduardo MISSONI
Subject: Management of International Institutions and NGOs
Education: Bocconi University
Employed: Medical Doctor with career in International Development Cooperation and International organizations  

Mr. Henrique COSTA
Subject: Economics, Poltical Economy
Education: Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden
Employed: General Motors, European Commission, Royal Institute of Technology, United Nations

Dr. Sameh Aboul ENEIN
Subject: International security & diplomacy, Foreign Policy & UN systems, Disarmament & non proliferation
Education: American University of Cairo
Employed: University of Stirling, GCSP, NDC, UNITAR, AUC. Former LAS Ambassador to the UN

Mrs. Joan FULTON
Subject: Business Policy and Strategy
Education: Columbia University, USA
Employed: Schiller International University, European School of Economics, Union Bancaire Privee, Union Bank of Switzerland

Ms. Catalina Jiménez
Subject: Finance and Controlling, Project Management, Innovation, Start-up
Education: Los Andes University and HEC Lausanne
Employed: consultant/ Recipharm  

Ms. Nicola Jackman
Subject: Foreign Affairs / Governance
Education: Essex University / Kingston University
Employed: Henton Consulting /UBM Asia

Ms. Sabrina Espasandin
Subject: Modern Applications Google Certified Trainer and Innovator
Education: IESLV Juan R. Fernandez – EFL teacher. Google Trainer 2014. Google Trainer 2017.
Employed: Geneva Business School

Mr. Sebastian Gabor
Subject: Entrepreneurship, The Intelligent Business, Modern Applications
Education: BBA Wealth Management / EU University, Barcelona    
Founder: Digitail, ITGambit, Code4Romania

Mr. Tom Van der Heyden
Subject: Foreign Market Analysis / Global Sourcing / Emerging Markets
Education: IESE Business School / University of Antwerp
Founder: Strategic Sourcing Solutions / S3 Group

Mr. Antoine Delmas
Subject: Entrepreneurship, Leadership and Modern applications.
Education: Degree in History / University of Montpelier
Founder: Vune Lab, Ibiza Essentials, 3OAK Interactive

Dr. Claudia Saba
Subject: International Relations / Democracy and Democratization
Education: PhD from: University College Dublin
Employed: Blanquerna School for Communication and International Relations, Ramon Llull University

Mr. Dag Flachet
Subject: Entrepreneurship and Leadership
Education: Flanders Business School and Kellogg School of Management    
Employed: Flachet Holdings

Dr. Ryan Federo
Subject: Strategy, Corporate Governance, and International Organizations
Education: ESADE Business School
Employed: ESADE Business School

Mr. Samer Ajour
Subject: Credit Risk Management, Innovation in Finance and Management
Education: Ph.D Candidate. at Universidad Politécnica de Cataluña. MBA and MSc from Pompeu Fabra University.
Employed: GCPAT, Universitat Pompeu Fabra

Mr. Jordi Ballart
Subject: Statistical Analysis, Maths of Finance
Education: Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya MBA – University of Michigan Financial Mathematics
Employed: Consultant in International Business; freelance

Dr. Lorena Esteban
Subject: Talent Management Legal Environment of Business Human Resource Management
Education: EAE Business School Executive MBA; Universidad de Salamanca Doctorado en Derecho del Trabajo y Seguridad Social
Employed: Director of Master in HR EAE Business School

Ms. Mireia Ferre
Subject: Business Ethics Social Entrepreneurship
Education: Universitat de Barcelona Doctorado en Derecho Mercantil
Employed: SdeSostenible Socia Directora; Universitat Oberta de Catalunya Profesor

Mr. Patrick Zilleken 
Subject: Marketing of Services
Education: FH Aachen Engeneering
Employed: OVB Allfinanz Director de Agencia

Dr. Roy Mouawad 
Subject: The Learning Organization
Education: ESADE Business School Doctor of philosophy; ESADE Master of Research
Employed: ESADE Business and Law School Researcher and Teacher

Mr. Xavi Crespo
Subject: Sports Marketing
Education: Executive MBA Sport Management in La Salle BCN; Institut Gestalt Coaching de equipos
Employed: Owner Xavi Crespo Coaching, Co founder Sport Voyagers, Docente Ostelea