Fiorenzo Manganiello professor of blockchainTo stay relevant in the modern business world, it is essential to have a solid grasp of new technologies. Among the best proponents of this is Geneva Business School’s Fiorenzo Manganiello. As an internationally recognized expert in blockchain, Manganiello contributes to Forbes, and has been interviewed on CNN

This week, he was in the news again, in an Al Arabiya article on the Middle East, blockchain, and cryptocurrency. He discussed the future of this still-fledgling industry and how it can be improved and sustained. Manganiello identified Saudi Arabia as an excellent setting for cryptocurrency mining. This complex process is crucial to the security and growth of the blockchain system.

Manganiello predicts that Saudi Arabia has the optimum conditions for a cryptocurrency mining industry to take off. Currently the global leader in oil production, it can transition to blockchain as it already has the organizational structures in place. In terms of natural resources, Saudi Arabia is a country with a lot of energy. But not all of this comes from oil. Recent investment in solar and renewable energy mean blockchain miners can look to greener options for this heavily energy-consuming task.

Manganiello – A Cross-Industry Pioneer

When he is not in the classroom, Manganiello is involved in finding innovative applications for this new technology. He is both an Investor and Member of the Advisory Board at The Blockcloud Company, China’s leading blockchain company. Furthermore, he is currently developing an investment banking team in a Swiss private bank, using more areas of his expertise. He focuses on projects that boost human capital and innovation, whether they are in the banking or the blockchain technologies industry.

Professors such as Fiorenzo Manganiello are part of Geneva Business School’s forward-thinking philosophy. Including these industry experts in our faculty means students get more than a quality education. They learn about the latest trends from the leading authorities in each of their modules. This teaching style means students graduate fully prepared for today’s job market.

Here is Fiorenzo Manganiello himself, talking about how blockchain is going to change the game in technology and banking.