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FutureWork Forum Comes to GBS

At GBS a part of our ethos is exposing our students to real business in as many aspects of their business education as possible.

This is evident in this upcoming event, which is a conference, book launch and panel discussion with FutureWork Forum. This is a Think tank which “works with senior management in public and private sector organizations to help them anticipate the future of work and develop strategies and plans that will help them achieve their objectives – inspiring, engaging and directing the best performance from their people.”

To find out more about the work they do at FutureWork Forum, you can visit their site here.

The theme chosen for this event is Digitalization and why Leaders need to take it seriously, which will be of great relevance to all our current and future leaders in attendance.

This ties in well with the book they are launching entitled ‘Conquering Digital Overload’ that gives practical strategies for successful leadership in the digital world.  

We greatly look forward to welcoming this company on campus and exploring these digital themes in an informative panel discussion.

This event will take place on April 24th at 5pm at our Geneva Campus.