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GBS recognized by Google Cloud for its innovative approach to cloud-based education platforms

In recent years, GBS has been embracing the innovative potential of cloud computing as a means to create an online hub for teachers and students to communicate and collaborate seamlessly and in real-time over the internet.

Through Google’s Classroom and other G Suite applications such as Drive, Docs, and Gmail, GBS has transformed the conventional classroom into an interactive, animated and digital experience designed to offer its members a single platform for students and teachers to exchange class materials, assignments, ideas, and much more.

It seems Google took notice, as the tech giant decided to use GBS as a case study as part of the Google Cloud Next ‘18 London global conference that took place in London last week.

“We’re inspired by the ingenuity of customers like HSBC, who identifies and averts financial crime using Google Cloud machine learning and Geneva Business School, who uses Google Classroom and G Suite to create a cloud-based interaction hub where students and teachers collaborate in real-time and develop and share animated, dynamic web-based materials”, said Alison Wagonfeld, Vice President of Marketing, Google Cloud.

The collaboration between Google and GBS isn’t new and is in large part thanks to the dedication of GBS members Sabrina Espasandin, professor and Instructional Designer at GBS Barcelona, and Carlos Moreno, Global Campus Director, who have been involved with the company for years now in an effort to drive innovation at GBS, and in the education sector on a larger scale.

When asked about the benefits of cloud computing with respect to information sharing, Carlos offered the following answer. “G Suite has changed the whole way we work. Students would post questions online, and other students would answer them before the teacher got there. It means the knowledge comes from the class, not just from the professor.”

GBS is honored to have been acknowledged by a leading company such as Google for the innovation it is bringing to its classrooms.