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Learn How GBS faculty is helping to drive innovation with Google for Education

This month, from October 3rd to the 5th in Madrid, took place the Google for Education Certified Innovator Program 2018. The Certified Innovator program is a very exclusive 12-month professional development experience designed by Google to help educators from all over the world launch innovative and transformative projects in the education sector.

Each year, 36 educators are selected to participate and to present a problem that they wish to solve, or an idea that they wish to implement, for the betterment of education. The program takes the form of learning activities, training, mentorships, an Innovation Academy, webinars and much more.

This year, two GBS members have been hard at work collaborating with Google for Education in order to drive innovation within the education community: Sabrina Espasandin, professor and Instructional Designer at GBS Barcelona, and Carlos Moreno, Global Campus Director, have been promoting innovation inside and outside the classroom in more ways than one.

Sabrina and Carlos were invited to Madrid to take part in this year’s Certified Innovator program in Madrid as coaches to the 36 educators who were participating in the academy. Both GBS members are already Google Certified Innovators, having earned this title after undergoing the Certified Innovator program themselves in Sweden in 2017.

Notably, Sabrina has been extensively involved with the Certified Innovator Program these past months as a trainer. She uses her expertise, namely through webinars, to coach participating educators in design thinking, as well as to offer them the tools and guidance to bring their innovative education projects to fruition.

The pair is also making their passion and innovation felt within the walls of GBS. Read more about how GBS is rethinking education through cloud-computing in an effort to maximize student collaboration and information sharing.

Through their collaboration with Google for Education, Carlos, Sabrina, and the entire GBS team are not only driving positive change in education, but they are also inspiring other educators and sharing their experience with a vast community of passionate teachers, school administrators and students who all strive to expand the frontiers and possibilities of the classroom.

Thank you, Sabrina and Carlos!