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GBS Professor Francesco Derchi, Guest Speaker at Seeds & Chips Global Food Innovation Summit


Geneva Campus Digital Marketing Professor Francesco Derchi will be a guest speaker at Seeds & Chips Global Food Innovation Summit in Milan, Italy on May 8th, 2019. Professor Derchi will give a conference about Exponential Organizations and the potential of digital technologies to leverage abundance in the food industry at Africa Exhibition. 

Seeds & Chips Global Food Innovation Summit brings thousands of innovators together from over the world to build a better food system for all. Topics explore every aspect of the agrifood chain including precision agriculture, traceability, AI, circular economy, investment, and open innovation.

The 5th edition of the Summit will have a significant focus on Africa’s potential to lead the world in sustainable development and will host a range of African influencers, prominent institutional personalities and leaders. The event includes more than 30 thematic conference sessions with hundreds of speakers who discuss their work and offer solutions to our most pressing challenges.

Professor Derchi is a creative thinking expert with over fourteen years of professional experience at a global level. He is a Certified ExO Ambassador, committed to create Exponential Organizations, and runs This is D, a management consultancy focused on digital and innovation. From 2015 he is serving as Business Coach for EASME at the European Commission.