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GBS Attends Career Evening 2018

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GBS Representatives took part in Career Evening organized on February 8th 2018 in The International School of Geneva.

The event took place in the Jura Sports Center, at La Châtaigneraie.

The potential students explored a variety of careers as they prepare to choose courses for the IB or Maturité Suisse, and eventually for tertiary study and university. Part of their preparation is the mentioned above Career Evening.

In a setting similar to a College Fair, there was a possibility to communicate with representatives of many of the professions that interest the students. They were circulating from booth to booth and talking (in French and/or English) in small groups or individually, some of the students came with parents.

There was a large number of international and local schools present, colleges and universities, academic and vocational, as well as some of International School’s alumni who are still studying at university.

It was a great opportunity to engage young people in discussions about career paths, the challenges they might face, and the ways to prepare for fruitful work in the future.

The images below show highlights from the event: