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GBS Conference: Intelligence in Machine@Work

November 23rd – 14:00 – Geneva Campus Auditorium



Next Friday, Mr. Fabio Scirpo and Mr. Philippe Lambinet of Cogito Instruments will hold a discussion about the role of new technologies such as machine learning in businesses of the current Industry 4.0.

Messrs. Scirpo and Lambinet will explore how groundbreaking technologies of today help increase companies’ productivity, efficiency and value generation, introducing our students to concepts such as predictive maintenance, condition-based monitoring, real-time data analytics, pattern recognition and machine learning.

About the speakers:

Mr. Lambinet is co-founder and CEO of Cogito Instruments S.A., a company that, in its simplest form, “gives intelligence to machines”, providing companies with the tools and technologies to implement artificial intelligence and machine learning into their systems and operations. Mr. Lambinet holds a Master of science in electrical, electronics and communications engineering from L’École Supérieure d’Électricité.

Mr. Scirpo is a member of the Cogito board of directors as well as an entrepreneur. Mr. Scirpo holds a degree from the Università Bocconi, in Milan, Italy.