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GBS Crash Course at GEMS World Academy

April 4th, 2019

On Thursday April 4th 2019, GBS Digital Marketing Professor at Geneva Campus, Francesco Derchi visited GEMS World Academy and held a Crash Course about Innovation & Entrepreneurship to provide its students a space to experience student’s-life and what is it like to study a Bachelor in Business Administration at GBS.

High school students often receive some orientation or guidance to choose a career, although most of the time it doesn’t give all the insights and information they need in order to decide which field to take at a university or higher education level. With the objective of helping out students to understand what they can expect, we have developed a Crash Course to give them the opportunity of immersing into a short and intensive course on a specific topic or orientation, developing soft skills like leadership, presentation and teamwork, and also experiencing project-based learning: Case Study > Example > Practice.

GEMS World Academy Students had the opportunity to:
– Develop an insight of what a higher education course looks like,
Discover new specializations that have emerged from the ever-changing business world.

Besides “Innovation & Entrepreneurship”, we also offer Crash Courses about topics like Blockchain; Cryptocurrencies, Social Media Trends, Digital Marketing, and Fintech. If you would like to give your student’s the opportunity of having another type of orientation to give them the tools and skills to have all the insights to make one of the biggest decisions of their lives, do not hesitate to contact Marie Stoecklin, Student Liaison Officer, at Geneva Business School – Geneva Campus.