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Our ‘Dragon’s Den’ in Madrid was a complete success!  


‘Dragons Den’ is GBS Madrid Campus’ end of semester event to showcase the students’ startup ideas they have been working on throughout the semester. This event gives students the exposure to present a business idea in a pitch format in front of a panel of external judges composed of business professionals from various industries and backgrounds. Once the students have proposed their ideas to the panel, they will be challenged and asked specific questions regarding their ideas.  This activity allows students to engage with the ‘real-life’ aspects of creating a startup. The Jury: Mr. Juan Botella – Business Development Manager, Global Sports Innovation Center Powered by Microsoft

Ms. Oriana Circelli – Co-Founder & Co-CE, Koko

Mr. Juan Sebastian Farfan – Marketing & Loyalty Executive, Real Madrid C.F

Ms. Uliana Torkunova – CEO, Let Me Park



After deliberating, Parrot, formed by students from Madrid Campus, was titled as the winning team by a panel of judges. Parrot’s team members comprise of Liya Khazigaleeva, Mir-taghi Seyid-Rzayev and Slahde Seale, and as a group they will receive €300 from the Geneva Business School Madrid Kickstarter Fund plus a two hour consulting by StartUp Grind. These funds may only be used for starting or setting up their startup.


The event was open to GBS partners, stakeholders, faculty, judges and people within the networks of GBS staff members.

About the winning project: PARROT.

With international universities having students from multiple countries who speak many different native languages, Parrot online learning platform gives individuals the opportunity to connect with these students and learn their native language in a conversation styled class. From Arabic to Russian, Parrot covers the top learned languages globally to help university students improve their conversation skills.