GBSessions October 2019 Kicks off the Academic Year

At Geneva Business School, our academic year is getting off to a flying start with our first GBSessions October 2019. On our Barcelona campus, we will be welcoming Miranda Loos and Marc Marzenit, who will be imparting their expert knowledge on two key areas of business.

Between the two sessions, there will be a networking break, with both speakers present. Students will have the chance to chat with them informally over coffee and ask any burning questions they may have.

GBSessions Miranda Loos

Session #1

Date & Time: October 2, 14:30 – 15:30

Where: Geneva Business School Barcelona campus

Guest Speaker: Miranda Loos

Topic: Business Strategy in a Creative Environment

Miranda Loos, from the Robertson Center for Intercultural Leadership (CIL), UC Berkeley, will lead the first session on Global Leadership and Innovation. In our globalized and interconnected world, effective leaders are in high demand — especially leaders who can drive innovative solutions to complex challenges. 

In this first half of our GBSessions October 2019, students will learn the skills that will propel them to new heights of leadership. These skills will enable them to collaborate with diverse people from around the globe, and to leverage this diversity as an asset and a competitive edge. Loos aims to educate the students to learn about the program and get a taste of how CIL works. 

Check out CIL’s video on their Global Leadership & Innovation Program for more information.


About the speaker

Miranda is a Business Development Specialist at the Robertson Center for Intercultural Leadership (CIL), UC Berkeley. CIL is a center for training and research to advance leadership, understanding and collaboration across cultures.

Marc Marzenit GBSessions

Session #2

Date & Time: October 2, 16:00 – 17:00

Where: Geneva Business School Barcelona campus

Guest Speaker: Marc Marzenit

Topic: Make your Passion a Business Model

Marc Mazinet will guide our students with an analysis of the keys needed to develop a business model from your passion. A great addition to our GBSessions October 2019, the talk will address the issues of education, dedication, creativity, passion, and market opportunity through the different stages of a successful business model. Marc will draw on his own experience to give real case examples of how this works.


About the speaker

Marc Marzenit is an audio engineer, composer, DJ, music producer, TEDx speaker, and Professor of the Master’s in Music and Sound for Interactive Experiences at ENTI-UB University. His artistic career has seen him perform in more than 30 countries. He’s also co-founder of scientific-artistic projects related to space art and AI such as “Zero Gravity Band” and “My Artificial Muse”. In 2017 he found Aulart Masterclass, an startup related to music education and entertainment.