The research mission of GBS

To empower businesses to tackle the great social and economic challenges of the 21st century.


Research in Geneva Business School is aimed at exploring the broad range of concepts and issues of leadership and business in the 21st century as they affect the ongoing sustainability of enterprises in the emerging global reality.

Geneva Business School believes that teaching and research are mutually supporting. We recruit highly qualified faculty who can bring their work alive in the classroom and bridge the gap between academia and business practice. Taking advantage of our global reach, we encourage our faculty to work on projects that involve international collaboration, exchanges, and dialogue.

At the heart of GBS research is the International Research Centre, the hub for all GBS-related research activity and specifically our programs looking at sports management, technology in business education and on leadership and work in the 21st century. Our global network of faculty, working alongside our Doctoral, Master and Bachelor students, make a contribution to the advancement of the field of business research.

Research Center aims to support GBS to be a reputable platform for research and an academic partner for private, public and international enterprises and organizations. Research Center seeks to inspire faculty towards ethical research practices, academic collaboration, and dissemination of research findings into GBS programs of study.

Primarily, research in Geneva Business School falls under four thematic areas, however these themes are not exclusive:

  • The contribution of business and corporate governance to human development and social change.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility, including risk management on sustainability and environmental issues.
  • The development and impact of emerging disruptive technologies and business models in the workplace and society.
  • Cross-cultural, cross-market and global, business leadership with a focus on sports, energies and lifestyle industries.

Research Projects

Our faculty and graduate students are working on a variety of projects with the aim of making a  significant contribution to global business and wider society. 

Research Faculty

Introducing Dr. Jaime De Melo, GBS faculty member and leader of the research team at the Geneva campus and some other members of the wider GBS research faculty team.

Recent Publications

Research activities are reflected in past and ongoing research projects, working papers, refereed journal and book publications, blog posts and the theses of our DBA students. 

Research Webinars

Research webinar series showcases research conducted at GBS and facilitates the professional development of faculty and students in the research area.

Resources for Researchers

To support and advance research and creative undertakings at GBS, Research Committee offers services and resources designed to meet the needs of faculty members and students

Student Research

GBS supports student research by providing learning opportunities, resources, encouraging collaboration and raising the visibility of student research. Currently, there are a few established ways to support student research at GBS. 

Research News