Geneva Business Review

Geneva Business Review (GBR) is a forum for scholarly debate and the dissemination of research that touches on any aspect of business management. The journal puts a special emphasis on publishing work that fosters links between academics and business and finds solutions to real-world business problems.

Papers can use any methodological approach and scholars working across all academic disciplines are encouraged to contribute, both as authors and reviewers. The scope of the journal is global and proposals are encouraged from researchers of any background.

The journal is published on an annual basis with a final submission deadline of October.


Submission guidelines

Only submissions of sufficient quality and that fall within the scope of the journal will be sent for peer review. No fees are required to submit or publish with this journal.

 As part of the submission process, you must confirm that it is your original work, for which you have full authorship rights, and that it has not been published or submitted for consideration elsewhere. You must also indicate whether you have obtained or will be able to obtain the necessary permissions for the reproduction of any copyrighted work.

General guidelines

Article submissions must be written in English, be of between 5000 and 8000 words in length (excluding references, tables, and appendices) and make a significant research-based or analytical contribution to a business-related topic. Essays or individual reviews of books, articles or other media are also accepted; however, they must not exceed 5,000 words.

In all instances, the work must be written in such a way that a non-expert can understand the core argument of the article and its significance (please avoid technical jargon and highlight the contribution you are making to the literature).

Editorial policy

2.1 Submissions

All submissions will be screened by the journal editors. Work that is deemed of the necessary standard will be sent out for blind peer review.

2.2 Authorship

Any individual who has made a substantive contribution to the article must be listed as an author. Authorship order should be assigned based on the relative weight of the contribution of each author. 

2.3 Acknowledgements

Anyone who did not make a direct contribution to the article but who helped in some general way may be listed in the acknowledgments section.

2.4 Funding and conflicts of interests

All sources of funding that supported the research and writing of the work should be declared. In the case that no funding was provided, the author must state that the research did not receive funding from any external authority.

The author must declare any competing interests, including financial interests or employment history.

Publication policy

3.1.1 Plagiarism

Accusations of plagiarism are taken very seriously by the Geneva Business Review. The journal will fully investigate any claim that work submitted or published in the journal has violated academic best practice. If work published by the journal is later found to be plagiarised, the journal reserves the right to issue a correction, retract the article or raise the issue with the relevant professional and legal authorities.

3.1.2 Self-plagiarism

While we do not prohibit the re-use of limited amounts of material from previous publications, the author will be expected to properly cite such material. If large amounts of text are re-used in this way, the author may be expected to provide a justification during the editorial process. Any such material that is used without adequate citation will be regarded as self-plagiarism and may lead to the rejection of the article.

3.2 Open Access

All GBR articles will be published in an open access form.

4. Manuscript submission

4.1 Format

Manuscripts should be submitted in a word document. The work should be double-spaced and use the APA system of referencing. See here for a full description of how to reference using APA.

Each manuscript should contain:

A title page with the full title and subtitle (if any) (in a separate file)

An abstract of up to 150 words

2-4 keywords

The main text and word count. The text must follow a clear structure, with a hierarchy of headings and subheadings. Long quotations should be indented, endnotes should be avoided. If deemed absolutely necessary then they should be listed with a superscript number in the text with the endlist provided before the references

All Tables and Figures must be placed at the end of the document, with an indication of where they should be within the text.

No author details are to be included on the main document

Submission Process

All submissions should be sent to Oliver Elliott, Academics, Geneva Business School, Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, 617, Barcelona, 08013.  Email:

GBR will make a decision on sending a submission out to review within 7 days. The first review decision can be expected within 30-40 days.


Oliver Elliott

Ryan Federo

Mariana Alba