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GBS signs new partnership agreement with UNINT University

GBS has recently formalized a new collaborative partnership agreement with Università degli Studi Internazionali di Roma, or University of International Studies of Rome (UNINT).

UNINT is mainly organized into three faculties, Economic, Political Sciences and Interpreting and Translation. Propelled by a strong international vision and an emphasis on cultural diversity, UNINT represents a benchmark of modern higher education in linguistic, economic, managerial and political fields in an international context.  

In the university’s own words, “UNINT also continuously engages in offering exchange programmes with foreign universities and partnerships with companies and public and private institutions. Currently, the University has over 800 internship and traineeship agreements across Italy and abroad, and over 80 cooperation and exchange agreements with both European and non-European universities.”

GBS is thrilled at the prospect of opening up new possibilities in Italy and beyond while doing so in collaboration with an institution that shares many common values of providing innovative education programs with an international vocation designed to respond to the demands of the global community.  

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