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GBS Students Take Action Against Beach Pollution


Instilling leadership qualities and encouraging positive social values are cornerstones of our educative mission at Geneva Business School. For those reasons, we are extremely proud when GBS students take initiative and demonstrate such qualities in their day-to-day lives.

This is precisely the case of bachelor students Sanna Rask and Safia Bakhtaoui who are driving positive change within the Barcelona community through a beach cleanup initiative helping to minimize the impact of human activity and pollution on our ocean wildlife and ecosystems.

Sanna first came across the Pure Earth Clean organization while searching for ways to put her beliefs into action and help clean the planet. Not only has she already participated in three beach cleanups, but Sanna also quickly joined the organization in an effort to help it grow into a thriving NGO and to expand its environmental mission beyond beach cleanups.

During the beach cleanups, which spread from the W Hotel to the Outdoor Training area, in front of Ciutadella Park, Sanna, Safia and the dozens of other volunteers can pick up to 42 bags of waste, representing an impressive 200 kilograms of trash, most of which is plastic. These actions make a dramatic impact towards bettering the habitats of birds, fish and aquatic plants.

As Sanna explains, not only are they improving the planet’s health, but they are also raising awareness and educating local beach goers and bystanders, who often times join in the cleanup effort.

GBS would like to congratulate Sanna and Safia for being role models as well as ambassadors of leadership and environmental awareness!

For anyone wishing to participate, you can visit the Pure Clean Earth Facebook page or Instagram page for more information about the organization and the upcoming beach cleanups.