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GBS Teachers Become Google Certified Educators

At GBS, our faculty members are always looking for new ways to expand their skills and knowledge in order to better serve their students. With that in mind, three professors, Catalina Jiménez, Dag Flachet and Roy Mouawad, underwent an intensive bootcamp last month in order to become Google Certified Educators Level 2.

The weekend-long training was organized by Monica Martinez and Sabrina Espasandin of GBS, two certified Google Innovators, a rank Catalina, Dag and Roy hope to eventually achieve. In all, GBS welcomed 20 professionals from different backgrounds to attend the bootcamp.  

The Educator Level 2 certification was awarded following the completion of a 3-hour exam which attests to the professors’ mastery of the Google G Suite tools.

The Certified Educator accreditation is a first step on the path to completing the Google for Education Certified Innovator program which is a program designed and offered by Google “for education thought-leaders who create new and innovative projects using Google for Education tools”.

For more information on the Google training programs and certifications, visit this page.

GBS would like to congratulate Catalina, Dag and Roy for this initiative which is sure to further the innovative education practices offered at Geneva Business School!