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GBS Welcomes Syracuse University to its Geneva Campus

Last month, on May 29th, GBS welcomed to its Geneva campus some 40 students from Syracuse University, New York, for a fascinating talk on Cultural Intelligence.

The conference was headed by professor Frode Hvaring, Chair of the Digital Leadership Lab at GBS and an expert in the fields of digital transformation and leadership.

In an increasingly globalized business world where organizations are comprised of more and more cultures, developing cultural intelligence has never been more important in order to build interpersonal connections, share knowledge and unite multicultural workforces. This conference was sure to be an amazing experience for students of both universities.

Syracuse University, established in 1870 is home to over 20,000 students from 120 countries across 200 majors and has a rich history in athletics. Its main campus is situated in the heart of New York State.

Here you can see the photos of the event.