GBS Events


December 5th, 14:30-17:00

For our last GBSessions before the holiday break, we first take a look at the creative economy, also known as the orange economy, with guest Eliana Bejarano, lawyer, and champion of Latin American creative culture, before uncovering the secrets of network marketing with self-made entrepreneur Maria Angeles Marin.  

Here is all you need to know about the upcoming GBSessions.

15:30 – 16:00: Please note that there will be a networking session between both talks. Both speakers will be present during the break and the students in attendance have the chance to chat with them informally over a coffee, asking any burning questions they might have.

Session #1

When: December 5th, 2018, from 14:30 to 15:30

Where: GBS Barcelona campus

Guest Speaker: Eliana Bejarano

Topic: The Creative Economy

A note from Mrs. Bejarano:

The purpose of the conference is to introduce key concepts and areas of debate around the “creative economy,” which some authors have called the “Orange Economy”.

The orange economy encompasses the immense wealth of talent, intellectual property, interconnectedness and, of course, cultural heritage throughout the world. A phenomenon with great relevance for the global economy.

After this discussion, the students will understand the analytical tools needed to take better advantage of opportunities across the arts, heritage, media, and creative services.

About the speaker

Mrs. Bejarano is a lawyer specializing in international affairs and a diplomat in charge of commercial and cultural affairs for the Government of Colombia in Azerbaijan. Mrs. Bejarano has founded and presides over the Arts Council Colombia. She is a promoter of Latin American creative industries worldwide.

Session #2

When: December 5th, 2018, from 16:00 to 17:00

Where: GBS Barcelona campus

Guest Speaker: María Angeles Marin

Topic: Understanding Network Marketing 

A note about this session:

This session will focus primarily on the truths and myths of Network Marketing, and on what the speaker calls “the Real Thing”, i.e., Mrs. Angeles Marin’s secrets to success. She will give you her recipe that transformed her from being a stay-at-home mom to a successful businesswoman. She will help you identify the key differences between being a boss, or being a leader. Finally,  Mrs. Angeles Marin will share her tips on how to inspire others. 

About the speaker

Maria Angeles Marin, known colloquially as MA, studied English philology. While studying, however, she quickly realized that this was not the field in which she was going to work in. She is self-taught by nature and 5 years ago began her training as a coach, mentor, and leader to guide other people in their path of personal growth. MA is the founder of Mama Esencial, a growing aromatherapy company, with which she teaches the use of essential oils.

Through Essential Breast, a company that produces skin care products designed to encourage monthly self-examination, and support skin repair post-surgery, she works with a team of more than 2,000 therapists and distributors around the world who she helps by developing their Network Marketing. Many people do not know how to develop their Network Marketing business and she helps them and teaches them how to do it with a tested and strategic system that works.